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Location: Mechi Zone/Eastern Development Region

Headquarter: Ilam Bazaar

Area: 1703km2

Locals: Brahmins, Chhetris, Lepchas

Language Spoken: Nepali

Roadways:  Mechi Highway: Kathmandu to Ilam Bazaar( 700kms)
2hrs drive from Pashupatinagar on Indo-Nepal Border

Airport: Biratnagar Airport, Biratnagar
Bhadrapur Airport, Bhadrapur

    Natural Heritages

1.    Antu Danda(1677m) for spectacular sunrise, sunset and panoramic view of Himalayas, terraced hills, tea gardens and pine trees
2.    Sandakpur(3636m)
3.    Kanyam and Fikkal Tea Gardens
4.    Siddhi Thumka
5.    Chhintapu(3400m)
6.    Trokey Falls
    Cultural/Religious Heritages
        1.Mai Pokhari(18kms from Ilam Bazaar)
        2.Gajur Mukhi ( on banks of Deumai Khola, 4hrs drive from Ilam                Bazaar)
        3. Pathibhara (Hanspokhari, on Mechi Highway, believed to be the                sister of Pathibhara Devi )
4. Mai Beni: confluence of Mai khola and Jogma Khola, 3kms from             Ilam Bazaar
5. Lepcha Museum at Antu
    Special Cuisine:

Other Attractions:

One of the best hill stations in Nepal
Famous for six A’s- Alu(potato), Olan(milk), Alainchi(cardamom), Audwa(ginger), Amriso(broom grass), and Akabare Khursani(chillies)
Serene tea gardens
Lakhe Naach
Annual Festival on Kartik Ekasasi(mid-October) at Maipokhari
Holy dip in Mai Beni during Maghe Sankranti (January)
Adventure Options:

    Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek
    Hikes to Sandakpur, Chinntapu,
    Boating around Maipokhari
    Sightseeing for Red Panda,Musk Deer, Danphe at Chinntapu(also famous             for Yarsagumba, a rare herb, aphrodisiac in action )
Best time to Travel:

October to December
April to February

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