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Nepal is a small beautiful country in South Asia, landlocked by China (about 1236 km) in north and India (about 1690 km) in south, east and west.  Conventionally Nepal has been characterized as "a yam caught between two rocks" as it is sandwiched between two Asian bulldozers--China and India. It extends from 80O 4’ E and 88O 12’ E longitude and 26O 22’ N to 30O 27’ N latitude with 147,181 sq. km total area from 60 meter above the sea level in south to 8848 m. (Mt. Everest) in North. It is roughly rectangular in shape and the land extends approx. 885 km, east west and 193 km north south. Nepal is the youngest republic country in the world. Renowned for its splendid Himalayas, which in Sanskrit means the abode of snow, Nepal is very mountainous and hilly. 92.94% area is covered by land and 7.06% by water. Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu lies in the central part of the country at an altitude of 1336 m above the sea level with a total boundary length of 2,926 km. Nepal depends upon India for transit amenities and access to the sea – the Bay of Bengal – even for most goods imported from China.

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