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Altitude: 833 m

District: Kaski

Zone: Gandaki

Distance from Kathmandu: 200 km

Latitude: 28.2006

Longitude: 83.9814

Average Temperature:  102°F (highest), 46°F (lowest)




I had never understood exactly why the name thrilled me to the bone as soon as I heard it. Yeah I did remember that I had visited the place on a tour with my family 10 years back. But such a wild feeling was always behind my contemplation.


But, today as I hold this diary that I have just found lying in the trunk where I keep my old stuffs, I understand the rush of blood that I often feel when I hear ‘Pokhara’.


My diary starts with the trip taken by road. I must have slept all along the road because all I have written about the road trip is “I could not see in the dark”.


Well, I do remember waking up early in the morning with the excitement to see outside the window. And what did I see? The tale-tell image of the infamous ‘Fish-tail mountain (Machhapuchhre)’.  It was very mesmerizing. The Mountain with the most peculiar shape not only stood clean, white and beautiful but the very first rays of sun clouding over the top was indeed fascinating. I can still remember the twist of joy I felt looking at the nature’s most lovely form.


After having a good meal which was finished as soon as it was served, we rushed to troll around the rich market. I remember buying bangles, stone-fitted-chains, and some thin cotton clothes for the memory of the visit.


We then went to the shore of the ‘Phewa Lake’ where getting in seemed like century for us. Actually, we were fighting over who’d get to the corner. The sailor had leaked out that the lightest one should get to the corner since the corner seat might pull down the boat if heavy ones sit there. Well! What did we need? We remained as stiff as the boat itself. At least the boat was swinging and sailing. We were not. 


 The scenery then blindfolded us to numbness. The mountain looked even more spectacular from there.



Rest of the day was no different. We went to ‘Gupteshwor cave’. I remember the dark cave. We were getting into a tunnel like cave which when entered was actually cocooning a Temple. The ‘Pujari’ there let us worship the temple and put ‘Tika’ on each of our forehead.


We then went to see the ‘David’s fall’. The legend has it that a hiker named David fell off and was overflowed in the lake below. There are some other spicy stories related to the similar events experienced by the dead. However, the water flow is most spectacular during monsoon. And it’s a must visit spot.


Since we were only there for a night’s stay, we could not goelsewhere.


But there’s still more to go, I have not yet shared about our stay at the hotel in the previous night. I don’t remember the name of the hotel but I do remember that we had a generous service offered by the management. I remember very clearly the details of Nepal’s traditional folk dances and songs, organized for entertainment after dinner. The boys and girls were dressed in traditional Nepali dresses. The boys wore ‘Daura Suruwal with Dhaka Topi’ and girls had put on ‘Sari and Cholo’ .There was some ‘Maadal’ players too. They together sang duet melodiously. We along with other tourists were very delighted. The hospitality offered to us was unbelievable.


 If that was 10 years back, I wonder how Pokhara must have been transformed by now. The services must have gotten even better and I can see numerous travel guides and websites helping out the tourists these days.


Good luck for the people who are thinking of visiting Pokhara anytime soon. 

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