Where to Shop in Kathmandu?

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If you have a question on mind that Where to Shop in Kathmandu, this information will sure help you on shopping around kathmandu. Shopping in kathmandu is one of my favorite hobbies.There is probably nothing you dont find in kathmandu when you are in need of something.Now i know that there are various categories of shopping, in this blog, I am going to talk about a girl`s best friend- fancy shoes, clothes, accessories etc.Top on my list for buying amazing and very much affordable shoes- Bhat Bhateni.

Bhat Bhateni has 5 branches(Bhat-Bhateni Tangal,Bhat-Bhateni Maharajgunj,Bhat-Bhateni Koteshwor,Bhat-Bhateni Krishna Galli,Bhat-Bhateni Chuchepati) in Kathmandu. I have heard that now it is present in Pokhara and Narayanghat too. Whenever I am in town, i make sure i buy 3-4 pairs of shoes from Bhat Bhateni. It is a hyper market which has wide range of grocery, furnitures, apparel, electronic gadgets etc. It is a one stop shop where you get every thing under one roof. As the prices are fixed, you dont need to haggle and wonder about if  you paid more than what the thing was worth of. You also get authentic nepali shawls, sarees, kurtas etc. You have all international brands too. Not to mention is all the tempting knick knacks that you find in Bhat Bhateni. So i would advise you to buy from Bhat Bhateni if you want to play safe.
Next is Pashmina Shawal,artifacts- souveniors that most of the tourists want to buy from nepal. Thamel is a place where you have plethora of shops for buying authentic nepali items.  Other than pashmina you get nepali hand made clothes, slippers, sweaters, paintaing, mountainerring equpments, Northface jackets, bags etc.  Here, quality is good. You might just have to ready to bargain in Thamel.

You can get good artifacts/ nepali handicrafts in Hanuman Dhoka too- near new road Another famous shopping destination is New Road- Bishal Bazar, Suraj Arcade, Many stand alone shops in new road.  You will find good fashionable items in these places.

I would suggest you all to go to a place with price tag  to get a good deal.For inetrnational clothing brands, you can go to King`s way. Here you have many famous brand outlets. Next in my list is Kupondole. It is mainly famous for bouteques. You can get designer clothes made here.If you want to take 1-2 good partywears in suits, sarees then you might want to check Kupondole lane.I feel that I have covered most of the things. Do let me know through your comments in case you need more information on antyhing.

The Interactive MAP, which shows the list of Shopping MALLS & Departments stores around Kathmandu, Lalitpur area.

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