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Peak Climbing In Nepal

Peak Climbing is considered the keystone activity that Nepal offers to the climbers than any country in the world. The eight out of the fourteen 8000m peaks lie in Nepal including Mt. Everest (8000m), the highest peak in the world. Ever since, the country opened its peaks to climbers in 1949, the mountaineering activity has become the most popular trend of alluring thousands of adventures seekers to Nepal every Year.

Peak Climbing Permit in Nepal
You will be required to get a climbing permit before departing on any expedition. The permit will only be issued to you if you have a registered Sidar(guide) traveling with your group, the expedition leader is required to collect the permit in person for the Nepal Mountaineering Association. The permit is valid for a period of one month and an additional fee of 25% of the original permit fee is payable per week for a maximum of two weeks. Permit fees are not refundable after full payment is made. An additional garbage deposit is charged at US$ 450 per group, this will be refunded after the expedition has left the area in a satisfactory state. The maximum number permit able for a peak trekking group is twelve people.

A list of fees for “A” class peaks
1-4 people US$ 350
5-8 people US$ 350 plus US$ 40 per person
9-12 people US$ 510 plus US$ 25 per person

Name of Peak Altitude in Meter                  Location / Zone
Mera Peak 6654 m.                                      Khumbu Sagarmatha
Chulu East 6584 m.                                      Damodar Gandaki
Singu Chuli (Fluted-Peak) 6501 m.          Annapurna Gandaki
Humchuli 6441 m.                                       Annapurna Gandaki
Chulu West             6419 m.                       Damodar Gandaki
Kusum Kanguru   6367 m.                        Khumbu Sagarmatha
Pachermo                   6187 m.                    Rolwaling Janakpur
Imja Tse (Island Peak)         6183 m.       Khumbu Sagarmatha
Lobuche                         6119 m Khumbu Sagarmatha
Pisang                                 6091 m.     Damodar Gandaki
Kwangde(Kawande)               6011 m. Rolwaling Sagarmatha
Ramdung                                   5925 m.       Rolwaling Janakpur
Paldor Peak                           5896 m.           Ganesh  Himal Bagmati
Khongma (Mehra)                   5849 m.             Khumbu Sagarmatha
Ganja La Chuli                       5844 m.       Langtang Bagmati
Pokhalde           5806 m.         Khumbu Sagarmatha
Tharpu Chuli (Tent-Peak)       5663 m.     Annapurna Gandaki
Mardi Himal 5587 m.       Annapurna Gandaki

The role for your required Sidar or guide will be as follows
• To assist the climbing party with recruitment of porters and other staff, control of porters, local purchase of food etc, and to solve any problem that may arise to the best of his ability.
• To report to Nepal Mountaineering Association in case the party spends more than the prescribed time limit in the Mountain.
• To ensure that the climbers comply with the terms of their permit and follow the correct route and that they do not infringe any NMA rules
• To ensure proper disposal of waste materials.
• Other things you should make note of are that on your return to Kathmandu, the party will be required to submit a report to NMA. Your group will also have to nominate a representative (registered trekking company) to act on their behalf in Nepal before and during the expedition.
• Should the trekking party fail to adhere to the terms of the permit then fines may be issued.

Peak Permit Fee
Group Cost Total Cost
• 1 - 4 Pax US$ 350 .00 US$ 350 .00
• 4+1 Pax =5 US$ 350 +40 US$390.00
• 4+2 Pax =6 US$ 350+80 US$ 430.00
• 4+3 Pax = 7 US$ 350+120 US$ 470.00
• 4+4 Pax = 8 US$ 350+160 US$ 510.00
• 8+1 Pax = 9 US$ 510. +25 US$ 535.00
• 8+2 Pax = 10 US$ 510+50 US$ 560.00
• 8+3 Pax =11 US$ 510+75 US$ 585.00
• 8+4 Pax =12 US$ 510+100 US$ 610.00
US$ 250.00 should be deposited to NMA as as garbage deposit. The refund shall be be made as per the provisions made by NMA.

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