Skydive in Pokhara Nepal

Posted on Jul 4, 2013 by sabindangol under Paragliding

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Hi Guys,

As i heared about that Skydive is going to happen in Pokhara, Nepal. I just cant stop my self to know about the details. First of all i couldn't believe that this is going to happen. Luckily this is true and this is going to be organized by the Everest Skydive team.

So here are some details about the skydive.

SkyDive date: 8th -17th November 2013.

Here is Cost detail for Skydive in Pokhara Nepal 

Individual Jump Price (includes drop zone transfers on fixed schedule):

For tandem (per jump):

$ 500 per jump

INR 25,000 for Indian

NPR 35,000 for Nepalese


For Solo (per jump): $ 150

Video and Photography Price:

For Video + Photo: $160,

INR 9,500 for Indian,

NPR 12,500 for Nepalese


For Video: $130,

INR 7,500 for Indian

NPR 10,000 for Nepalese 

Check out some of the Skydive preview in Pokhara

Photos and information source: 

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