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Mustang Region: This trek visits the ancient Kingdom of Mustang where the language, culture and traditions are still almost purely Tibetan in nature. Until 1992 Mustang was the most inaccessible and restricted area in Nepal and few foreigners had visited the region. Entry to the region is still strictly controlled and because of this a high trekking permit charge is made. Mustang has a long and complex history that makes it one of the most interesting places in Nepal. Trek: A feature of this trek is the opportunity to experience the unique and ancient culture of the Mustang people which, because of its isolation, has remained unaltered for centuries. The trek can be started from Jomsom and trek northwards into the heart of Mustang reaching the region's capital Lo Manthang after few days of trekking through amazing villages and stunning landscapes. Then trekkers return to Jomsom for return flight via a slightly different route that takes in the pilgrimage site of Muktinath.

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