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Basic Health Information For Travelers To Nepal

• Healthcare is poor in most places except the Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara. Expensive medical treatment is expected at Western travellers' clinics in Nepal. Travellers should be aware that it might be difficult to obtain rapid helicopter evacuation if you were to fall ill or suffer a serious accident in a remote area of the country.

• Foreign drivers are suggested not to drive in potentially hazardous weather conditions like storms, flash flooding, and landslides which are common during the Monsoon season

• Generally waters are not contamination free so it will be better to drink mineral waters. In hotels and restaurant you can get boiled and sterilized water but make sure to carry mineral water in case of small restaurants. Iodine tablets are easily available for treating water while in the trek.

• During your visit avoid dairy products.
Health problems can kill your entire adventure spirit and will welcome boredom and unhappiness. So stay fit to relax in the glory of your voyage.

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