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Religion Belief

Nepal is multi religious country in the world so different ethnic groups live with their own way of religious practice, lifestyle, language, culture and tradition with ever peace of harmony in society. About 80% of total populations are Hindu religion follower lives in the all over Nepal’s east to west up to Mahabharat range in north, about 10% Buddhist religion people among live bellow of Himalayan region to mid hill, valleys and in towns together 4% Muslim religious people and rest of other religious people live in different parts of the country. In Hindu community every ritual ceremony handled by priest (pundit), by Lama (monk) in Buddhism community as well by Mullah in Muslim community.

In term of vast range geographical varied land orientation features of the country Hinduism among Indo-Aryan communities influence in the lower elevation and the Buddhism among Tibetan-origin in the Himalayan region and other different parts of the Nepal. In Nepal moreover traditionally, Buddhism and Hinduism both were never two distinct religions for societies they believe these two religion have inter relation since then so that share faiths and worship common deities in temples, monasteries and mostly pilgrimage by both communities people. Though Nepal has number of religious group they always live in peace and harmony. There is not any record of religious conflict in Nepal yet. All Nepali has respected the national feeling of ‘unity in diversity, Nepali’s specialty and establishing own reorganization to the world.

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