OSHO TAPOBAN Nepal: An International Commune & Forest Retreat Center

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I was very worried,unhappy and unsatisfied from the very beginning of my life thinking that
my life will be wasted doing nothing for myself,for my inner peace and ecstasy and for
others who are also facing the same problem.Then suddenly a friend of mine came and asked
me to visit the place called "Osho Tapoban" where I can mediate,dance,laugh,feel mysteries
of life without any reason and do yoga.The experience here is so great that once you
dissolve in this environment,you will be blessed with unknown of life and energy field.Now
I can say that this is the only living paradise on earth and real reason for living.

"Osho Tapoban(International commune & Forest retreat center)"is Registered under the Laws
of Nepal as a non profit religious trust with sole objective of enhancing the quality of
life as per the  vision of Osho.It islocated at the outskirts of Kathmandu valley on the
way to Kakani admist the Himalyan forest where Nagarjuna, an eminent exponent of Buddhist
philosophy meditated for 30 years and attained ultimate enlightment.
It is 12 km from Tribhuvan airport,10 km from Kathmandu City center,6 km from Balaju bus
park,5 km from Balaju By-pass.A variety of flowers, native tree and wild life like
deers,tigers,leopards are spotted in the dense green forest.Beautiful watrefall within this
commune also create a serene meditative atmosphere.

There is Osho Samadhi built at sacred place where the Buddhist saint Nagarjuna attained his ultimate enlightmnet 2000 years ago.
A wide range of books,cds,meditation music,hindi and english discourses are available at library centres.
There is also Rajneesh Dhyan Mandir located at the heart of Osho Tapoban in the shape of Shivalinga which accomodates upto 150 people for regular meditation and 500 people for discourses.
Shivapuri Baba mandir is also made in the memory of enlightened master Shivapuri Baba who spent thelast 50 of his 137 years of life in Nepal.It is the perfect place for silence sitting.

Different activities involved here are like:

.Daily five meditations.
.3 Days meditation camp or & 7 days(transformation silence meditation camp) near every full moon.
.Weekend meditation workshop starts on Friday evening concluding on Sunday morning.
.Afternoon satsang on every Saturday
.Special celebration days 11Dec, 19 Jan, 21 March,Guru Poornima and Buddha Poornima.
.Time to time various therapy sessions are organised by trained group leaders.

Regarding accomodation it has luxuriously appointed cottages scattered overthe forest to suit your Budget.Here you can simply step in and stay from one night to rest of your life.

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