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Mountaineering Permission Procedure In Nepal

Mountaineering Permission Procedure in Nepal

Preliminary Permit:
For acquiring the preliminary permit, any time in advance before the Mountaineering Expedition, Just fill an application form and sent to us duly signed by leader of the Expedition Team. Following documents are required for receiving a Mountaineering Permit:
a) An application form filled and duly signed by leader of the Mountaineering Expedition
b) Bio Data Forms of all the members with PP sized photographs
c) Picture of the mountain showing location & climbing route
d) 5% of the Royalty for Everest and 10% for other mountains.
e) Affidavit form from the Company
f) Company documents

Once above are received, we shall forward application to the ministry and within One to Two weeks, preliminary permit for climbing a mountain shall be acquired and sent to you.

Once your Expedition is set and all members finalized, you can pay remaining amount of the Royalty to acquire a final permit. Turret Tours, upon receiving the payment shall process the permit and acquire it again within One to Two weeks.

Changing of member route or the Peak
After acquiring the preliminary permit, if you have any change of members, climbing route or the peak itself, you can again apply through Explore Himalaya for the same at least 10 days before receiving the final permit. Your fees paid for the preliminary permit shall be applicable to your changed permits but please note that there is no refund made if the changed permit’s final payment figure occurs to be lower than what you have already paid before for preliminary or the final permit.

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