Things to be remembered by Foreigners while visiting temples with in NEPAL.

Posted on Jun 17, 2012 by ER Saurav Shrestha under Temple

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As you are visting the Hindu nation Nepal, country with many religious places specially hindu and buddhist temples. So there are some few rules that you should keep in mind while you visit temples of Nepal.
1. Remove your shoes before entering the temple. Outside, around the temple, it is ok to put on your shoes.

2. You are not allowed to carry any items that are made of Leather (like Leather Jacket, Purse, belt etc) inside the temple.

3. Never think of drinking alcohol and smoking inside the temple.

4.  There is a culture to go around the temple, so always use clockwise direction to go around temple.

5. At most of the temples, people are allowed to take photographs but only outside the temple within the temple’s  compound, but never try to take snaps inside the temple.
6. You should take care of your shoes and other belongings which you have put outside before entering the temple; always make sure that you have kept your belongings inside the right locker.

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