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Transportation in Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country, with India and China forming land borders with the country. Nepal transport system consists of the modes of travel in the country. Since the country is mostly mountainous and has a rough and rugged terrain, transport system in Nepal is an interesting phenomenon. Due to the landscape of the country, roadways and airways are the only modes of transport in the country. Railways have not been able to develop a lot because of the mountainous land surface. Nepal transport system is mainly concentrated on its roads. Roads in the country are mainly concentrated in the Terai region of the country. This is the only region, where there is some flat land. A large road network is being built up by the Nepal transport authority to increase and improve the conditions of roads in Nepal. There are about 15 national highways in the country, apart from the many small feeder roads. There are also many village and agriculture roads. The total length of roads in Nepal, stretch to about 28,000 kilometers. The International Airport at Kathmandu is the sole international airport in Nepal, while there are 42 domestic airports in the country. The domestic airports enhance the growth and development of the economy of Nepal. The international airport at Kathmandu connects the country to other international destinations. The transport and communication system in Nepal is constantly being updated and upgraded with time. The facilities are being improved and infrastructure is being developed to make Nepal an advanced country.

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