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Location: Koshi Zone/Eastern Development Region
Headquarter: Bhojpur
Area: 1,507km2
Locals: Rai, Newars, Kirati, Brahmins, Chhetris,
Language Spoken: Kiranti, Nepali, Newari
Roadways:  Koshi Highway connecting Bhojpur bazaar to Hile, Dharan,                      Dhankuta
Airport: Bhojpur Airport, connected regularly to Biratnagar Airport, and                   Kathmandu
Other Attractions:
 Famous for metal crafts, souvenirs,  Khukuri (special knives used by            Gorkha Soldiers)
Ghoretar, in Kirat history was known as Hatuwa Gadi- a powerful fort of the Kirat King Sunahang
Chhongkha Sakela celebration where Kirat Rais go for Sakela Than to pray for good harvest and rain
Adventure Options:
Best time to Travel: October to December
              February to April

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