One day hiking to Chisapani, Nepal

Posted on Dec 1, 2013 by ER Saurav Shrestha under Hiking

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Hi everyone, today I m going to write about hiking at Chisapani. So before jotting down my story I want to share some information regarding the same.

Name of the place from where the hiking starts.
- Sundarijal
How long does it take to reach Chisapani?
-It depends on the hiker's capability to walk but normally one can reach chisapani in 4 to 5 hours.
How is the hiking route?
-While hiking from SundariJal to Chisapani almost 90% route is uphill.

What you liked the most?
-Obviously the hiking route which is similar to Ghandruk uphill one.

What you did not like? 
While hiking I did not get a chance to take photographs of mountains. 
Lets now move to the main story. 
It was a Saturday and sunny day as well. We were almost 16 together and we were divided into 2 groups. Eight of us were in hiking mood where as other half decided to take the bus in order to vist Chisapani. So we planned in such a way that hikers will move early in the morning and those who were coming through bus will move around after 4 hours. So in the morning we started our hike. We move to old Bus Park from where can reach Sundarijal directly. Otherwise we had to take Sundhara-chabhel-Bouddha-Jorpati-Sundarijal route, changing micro bus at each place. After reaching Sundarijal, we did some shopping for hiking. We bought chips and chocolates. Then we started hiking, the first two hours was like hell, a straight continuous steep uphill path which never looked like ending. We took lots of short rests during the first two hours of hiking. During this two hours of hiking we passed through Shivapuri National Park. We need to buy a tickets to enter the National Park. On the way we found some shops where we can buy drinks and snacks. The hiking was like walking in the Jungle. You never know what’s ahead of your journey. So after 3 hours of hiking finally we started moving downhill. It was a bit of relief for all of us. We started seeing some houses far away on hills. Ya that seemed to be Chisapani. So after 4 hours of hiking we reached Chisapani. It's a very good place with open space. We can see Himalayan ranges like Ganesh Himal and Langtang range as well from there.
At chisapani, there are only few numbers of resorts and hotels. Rooms are quite cheap in compared to Nagarkot and Dhulikhel. We took some rest and had tea and wai wai soup. We waited for our 8 friends who were supposed to come by bus. After few minutes we saw all of them coming on a tripper truck. It was so funny seeing them like that. Actually the roads were not so good and on top of that they did not find any bus that's why they could only managed to book truck. After that we all got fresh and started our program. We played some team building games like paper dance, number games and others. Then we started preparing BBQ and had some drinks. Around 1 AM mid night we move to our bedrooms. 

Next morning, all of us started taking pictures of the beautiful mountain ranges. The morning view from our hotel was just awesome. So after taking breakfast, all of us decided to take the same truck for downhill ride. Yes of course the road was not so good, so it was really a thrilling ride back to Sundarijal. Thankfully all of us 
reached sundarijal in safe state.
Hope this story will help the one who loves hiking and is daring enoung to take the thrilling truck ride.

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