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Saturday, March, 3rd 2013
5 AM: Woke up, got ready to catch the bus that was waiting at New Baneshwor to go to the Sukute Beach.
6 AM: Went to a frens house, took some marijuana for the trip, so that I can have some sort of excitement.
6:30 AM: Reached New Baneshwor, quite early, bus was to come at 7 AM.
7 AM: Bus arrived, all the frens arrived, took the bus and headed towards the destination.
12 PM[Approx]: Reached Sukute Beach. Was mesmerized to see the beauty of the place. Nice resort, a cool river flowing by it, and across it a beautiful hill. Surprised to see the facilities they provided there so far away from the city.
- Very nice swimming pool
- Rafting
- Pool House
- Ping Pong[Table Tennis]
- Volley Ball[River Beach]
- Swing
- Nice Diner
- Nice Bar
- Nice Tents and secured of course.
- Briefing was nice though, about things to do and not to do.
Things forbidden for security and convenience
- No smoking in the tents
- No smoking of weed in the Diner
- No swimming in the river
No one would imagine such wonderful place would exist in such a remote place. Every tourist local or foreign must visit that place at least once. You would not feel like returning from that place so early. Not just a nice place, it is a WOW place to be.
Quick facts:
Time to reach sukute beach: 2-3 hours
How is the road to Sukute beach: Its really Good
How is the Tent in Sukute: Nice
Total Package cost around ( Including Lunch, Dinner,  Breakfast and Rafting: 3500-4000 Nrs, depends on tourist On and Off season.
Good place to Enjoy with your Loved one 

Latest Price Update at Sukute Beach

NPR 4,000 including Lunch, Dinner, Breakast , One Night stay and Rafting.
NPR 3,000 including Lunch, Dinner, Breakast , One Night stay without Rafting.

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