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This is a basic guidelines and market scenario on buying a cycle in Kathmandu for those who want to burn some fat but dont know where to start.

I am not an avid cyclist but to me cycling is one of the most relaxing activity. 5 years on after I stopped using my fixed gear Hercules cycle I went on a search of a New bike. 

This guide is primarily for beginners. If you want view the bikes model you can skip directly to the Gallery. The prices here are for reference and are as of July 2014.


1. Type

There are different types of bikes available like  Road Bike, Mountain Bike, BMX Bike, Racing bikes. Since road in Kathmandu is bumpy, its best to choose Mountain Bike.


2. Bike Frames

Bike Frames can be Aluminum, Steel, Carbon and Titanium. Basically the choice is between Aluminum and Steel Frame

Steel Frames are durable and cheap but they can be heavy and can rust with time. Bikes with Steel frame come in range between NRs 5K to 20K

Aluminum frames are more expensive but are lightweight and rust resistant. They starts from around Nrs 18K and above. However note that low end Chinese aluminum  bikes are less durable than their cheaper steel alternatives.


3. Frame Size:

Frame Size 16" & 17" are mostly available type in market and suitable for rider with heights between 5'-3" to 5'-9". If you are taller you will have to look for 18" and 19" frame. Here is a table for reference from experts.


Rider Height


Frame Size Suggested


Feet and Inches




4' 10" - 5' 2"

148 - 158

13 - 14


5' 2" - 5 '6"

158 - 168

15 - 16


5' '6" - 5' 10"

168 - 178

17 - 18


5' 10" - 6' 1"

178 - 185

19 - 20


6' 1" - 6' 4"

185 - 193

21 - 22


6 '4" - 6' 6"

193 - 198

23 - 24


From <>



4. Gears

In cycling term the gear device is referred as Derailleur. 24 or 27 speed offers the best performance and reliability for the price. Most of the cycles use the gears manufactured by Shimano. They bear name such as Tourney, Altus, Acera, Alivio, Deore. Think of this is i3, i5, i7 of intel processors with  Tourney and Altus being lowest end models with Acera, Alivio, Deore being higher ends in the same order. A bike above 30K model range need to have at least Shimano Acera gears. Do check it.


5. Brakes

The disc brakes are in every way better than the traditional V brakes so go for the disc brakes.

Disc brakes can be mechanical [pulled by wires] or hydraulic [using liquid]. The hydraulic disc brakes are expensive but are extremely responsive. They can be seen in higher end models usually in bikes above 45K. In the end, both are effective, so it comes down to budget.


6. Suspension

Like Brakes suspension can be mechanical [spring], hydraulic [liquid] or in expensive model air suspension. Hydraulic suspension are better but expensive and can only be seen in bike above 50K range. Do check for suspension lock. This allows you to lock the suspension when going uphill or in smooth roads saving energy in the process.


7. Where to buy

Kamalachhi between Ason and Bhotahity has been main place to go for buying bikes. Here are few popular ones


PANC Bikes

Pancha Asta Narayan Cycle is one of the first cycle shop. The original shop is at Kamlachii but they also have new outlet and service center at Jamal alongside the mountain Hotel.

They have been actively promoting cycling. They also deal in 2nd hand cycles, offer exchange service to your used cycle, bike renting and organize cycling tours on regular basis. Their bike servicing have been rated best by the bikers. They mostly deal in Jamis and Kona cycles which are bit expensive but offers you to build your own bike as per your requirement. One of the owner of this store Mr. Tirek Manandhar is an mechanical engineer so he knows what he is dealing with and can offer you technical insights on the bike mechanism if required.

Their products are available at 

PANC Bikes Products at Hamro Bazar

Facebook Page:


The Bike Farm

They offer good selection of medium range mountain bikes form 2nd tier brands like Motachie, Honey Hunter at reasonable price.

Their products are available at Hamro Bazar

Facebook Page:


Laxmi Cycle Center

This is where I get my own bikes from. The pricing here are reasonable and services good enough. They deal mainly in Cube and Gaint but other options are also available. The owner of the store Mr. Uttam Manandhar will provide you necessary guidance if needed.



Epic Mountain Bikes

They are credited with introducing popular Jomsom bikes to Nepalese market. The previous Jomsom 1 was a bargain bike. Today they have basic Jomsom 2 which cost around 35K. They are located at Jamshikhel but the 2nd shop have shifted to Bhatbhateni.

Web page:


8. Featured Bikes Gallery

Now for all the 2014 model cycles that are available in the market.  You don’t need to buy at the shops mentioned below. Just take these price as reference while looking for the new bikes. The prices here are as of July 2014. The bike shops will provide you a set of lock, reflector, bottle holder, chain guard without any additional cost, so don't forget to ask for it. You will usually have to buy Helmets, stands and mud guard seperately.

Photo Gallery

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