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Most of the Tourist who come to Nepal always ask about Beni to Jomsom trip and roadways to there. They ask about basic things like How is the road, How long is the distance, are there any hotels, Is Local buses are available, etc.

These are various basic questions that many trekkers wants to know before going to Jomsom by road. Well here we feel happy to share you the indepth travel experience, which we have experienced and we are sure this information will be very helpful for you with regards to travel From Beni to Jomsom.

So, here goes the story of Beni to Jomsom to Muktinath and back to Beni by road experiece.

We had already booked the Private vehicle and the deal was to take us upto Beni.

Rodways between Pokhara to Beni:
It takes around 2 hours to reach from beni from pokhara,  and the road is super fine. Most people get into doubts like whether to stay at Beni or to move on.

Staying at Pokhar or Beni:
Most of the people who travel from Kathmandu, they  would take the bus in the early morning and they would have two option , either to stay at Pokhara or reach Beni the same day. We suggest you to reach upto Beni, rather than Pokhara. You can enjoy the Pokhara after coming back from Muktinath trip and will have enough time.

Hotels at Beni:
Now a days Beni has many hotels. Hotels are simple and best for at least 1 night stand. It has big market and its developed a lot over the years.
So , You dont have to worry about staying at Beni, you will find many hotels at Beni.

Beni to Jomsom:
From beni you will get the local bus which will take you to Jomsom. We recommend you to take the early morning bus so that you can reach Jomsom earlier and enjoy the natural beauty of Jomsom.

Distance between Beni to Jomsom:
The distance is around 70km from Beni to Jomsom. Almost all the distance is off road and mainly the speed of the vehicles wil be 10-20KM per hour.

How dangegrous is Road:The road is wider and also not dangerous if we compare the current scenario with 4-5 years ago. The road is little wider and not risky in compare to 4-5 years down.

Roadways from Beni to Jomsom:
Beni - Tatopani - Ghasa (2010 Altitude) - Lete (2480 Altitude) - Larjung (2550 Altitude) - Kobang ( 2640 Altitude) - Tukche (2950 Altitude) - Marpha (2670 Altitude)- Marpha (2670 Altitude) - Jomsom (2720 Altitude)

How long will it take to reach Jomsom from Beni?
It will take around 5-6 Hours. In between beni to Jomsom you will find many camping site and small lodges to have a rest. 

Trekking from Beni to Jomsom:
You will find many camping site, so no need to worry about on staying during the way. 

Which bike we can take to Jomsom/Muktinath?
We have seen, Enfield, VR , Pulsar bikes there, Even KTM DUKE bike was seen on the way. Mainly Pulsers and VR bikes were there and moving smoothly. 

How about Vehicles?
High Clearance SUV or a Jeep, with 4WD is the most suitable vehicle for the trip. 

ATM and Banks in Jomsom:
We found Prabhu Bank at muktinath, Jomsom. 

Flight from Jomsom to Pokhara? 
Many airlines operate the flight from Jomsom to pokhara.You will find Tara Airlines, Simrik Airlines counter at Jomsom. 

Hotels around Jomsom:
There are really many good Hotels to stay, you will find luxiries to normal one. 

Roadways from Jomsom to Muktinath?
Its a complete Off Road trip from Jomsom to Muktinath. it will take around 2 hours maximum to reach Muktinath by drive. During the way , you will find KaagBeni, which is one of the famous places in Muktinath.Then you need to walk for at least 30 minutes to reach the Muktinath temple.

Travel Planning Idea:
Day 1: Kathmandu To Beni. [6-8 Hours of drive ]
Day 2: Beni to Jomsom. [5-7 Hours of drive ]
Day 3: Jomsom To Muktinath and again Back to Jomsom. [ One way 1.5-2 Hours by drive ]
Day 4: Jomsom to Pokhara. [ 8 Hours ]
Day 5: Pokhara to Kathmandu [6-8 Hours]

To Know more about Kathmandu to Jomsom Trip Click here, Please read our previous blog, which we have posted 4 years back, Still you can follow the trip idea which we have mentioned there.

Images from Kathmandu to Muktinath.

Images from Jomsom to Pokhara.

Let us know, if you are planning to Visit Muktinath, We will sure help you with regards to Planning your trip.

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