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After the recent earthquakes in Nepal, the news of devastation spread throughout the world as if Nepal has totally collapsed and there’s nothing else left worth visiting Nepal. Social media and many of the mainstream media focused on the areas where there were significant damages but hardly any of these went on to say that Nepal isn’t all about these 14 districts that have been damaged by the earthquakes.

Hike For Nepal

Some of our friends then took a trip to Muktinath where they found out that nothing has happened to the area and thus the idea of Hike For Nepal was evolved. The idea is to organise #HikeForNepal campaign through hiking in existing and new hiking routes with people from all walks of life so as to inspire tourists to visit Nepal. Also, this would help people to have a visualization of what the earthquake has done to the different routes spread across the country. Immediately a group was formed with young tourism entrepreneurs and travel enthusiasts and thus began the weekly campaign of hiking around the outskirts of Kathmandu valley.

The first hiking was organized on the 4th of July, 2015 on the Nagarjun –Shivapuri route with 23 hikers. There has been a regular hiking event each weekend since then. The following hiking campaigns have seen gracious presence of dignitaries from the Nepalese Movie Industry(Mr. Rajesh Hamal), Ramesh Dhamala (President, TAAN), Furtemba Sherpa (World cyclist) and many others as Chief guests who have hiked with us and supported the cause.  Every event has seen overwhelming response from people all over the world with more than 50 new participants each week. A lot of foreigners have come aboard to join us in our campaign. There have already been a couple of agreements for hiking events in different parts of the globe to support HikeForNepal. Hike For Nepal in collaboration with BATU PAHAT HASH HOUSE HARRIERS Malaysia is going to organize a charity hiking event in Malaysia on the 8th of November. Similar events have already been scheduled in England, Sweden and Japan. Funds collected from these events will be utilized to support social, environmental, educational and health related cause in the society. So, lets hike for a cause and help the communities around.


How its done and how to participate?

Each week, a route is chosen and a team of specialist goes for the assessment. After the team gives a go-ahead, an event is posted on the official Facebook page of HikeForNepal. Details about the route with the existing route conditions, possible weather conditions and a list of recommended essentials are posted on the event page with the details of the contact persons. On the day of hiking, everyone is taken to the start point on tourist buses and then the hiking begins with a brief introduction of the route, to do’s and do nots’. The organizing team hikes with the participants and is equipped with first aid kits for immediate assistance.  At a suitable spot, an introduction cum interaction session is organized where hikers get to know each other and share their stories.


There’s a minimum participation fee for each hike that includes transportation(to and fro) cost and any entry fees. Each hiker is provided with a HikeForNepal T-shirt and lunch during the hike.

Hike For Nepal is a campaign to inspire citizens to undertake regular hiking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is envisioned to create a common platform for hikers, nature lovers, and other interested people from diverse age groups where they meet every week and take a hike together. People can share their ideas, experiences and skills and can together support and promote for the common cause –revive the tourism industry. MyHolidayNepal is happy to partner with our friends and support the cause.

Lets Hike Together- HikeForNepal

All interested ones can contact the person listed and book a place for the upcoming hiking event posted on the FB page.



Bejoy Ghimire (00977-9815237844)
Dinesh Paudel (00977-9841178536)

Mahesh Sharma (00977-9851187967)


FB Page:

Twitter: @hikeforNepal

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