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After reaching Machhapokhari, on ring road, we look for a bus heading to Kakani. One bus was leaving ten minutes later so we made it to this one. It costs us 150Rs per head. We departed from bus stand at 8:30am. The road was very bad at some points and the driver was driving very fast. On the way we passed by many trout farms and restaurants and after an hour or so we reached to Kakani (1770m). Actually it is not the actual Kakani everybody is thinking about: the bus just dropped us at the intersection leading to Kakani as the driver was heading to Trishuli. Here, local sellers are selling the famous strawberries from Kakani. You can also find local restaurants to have tea and breakfast. From here, you already see the mountains, especially Ganesh Himal Range and Langtang range

From here just follow the road heading to Kakani which is 3kms further. We made our way on black-topped road. At some point there is a pitch from the right indicated “Nepal Mountaineering Association – Memorial of mountaineers”. You can either follow the main black topped road or take this trail on the right. We decided to go through the NMA way. 

The trail goes to the east, following the hill slopes. You pass some houses and many strawberries fields, some covered, some in opened areas. So many everywhere!! After 45minutes, you reach a gate and right after the gate, climb the hill to reach the top of Kakani heights. While going up, you will notice an artificial climbing wall and the mountaineers’ memorial on your right. 

Welcome to the real “Kakani”, which they also called “Kakani Heights” (1970m). Here are some hotels and guest houses where you can have food and drinks. Follow the way to the east and fifty meters further, to the left there is the Thai Airways memorial in memory of the plane which crashed close from Gosainkunda in July 1992. You can pay a visit to this memorial park. There are also mounds from where the view over mountains is fantastic. Enjoy your time here and click hundred photos of Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang and Gaurishanker!!

Once you have enough with photos, follow the way going down on the right, it will lead you to the Scout training center (1930m) within 15 minutes. Here you can buy the Shivapuri National Park permit compulsory to continue the hike. It costs 570Nrs for foreigners and 57Nrs for Nepali. Don’t lose it because you will have to show it while entering the park and also while exiting Shivapuri. 

From here, the trail becomes narrow and starts to climb in the jungle. After 10-15 minutes you reach the army check post (2030m) where Shivapuri National Park starts. You can also buy permits here and register. Cross the check post, climb little bit and quickly you reach a pitch with two directions, both leading to Gurje Bhanjyang. The path to the left follows the north side of the park, it is 7,5kms and is called “mountain view trail”. The path to the right follows the south side of the park, is 11kms long and it is called “Kathmandu view trail”. 

We made it by the north side hoping to click more photos of the mountains as the day was very clear. After half an hour walking, we realized that the “mountain view trail” was not very “mountain view” as the jungle is very dense and did not let us many opportunities to actually see the Himalayas. North side… is north side: no sun and humidity. But the trail is very nice, clean and quiet in a deep jungle. 

It took us less than 2 hours from the north/south trails intersection to reach to Gurje Bhanjyang (1800m). From here you can continue hiking to Buddhanilkhanta. But we were done for today.

The road goes to Trishuli to the north and to Kathmandu to the south. Buses are passing by every half an hour so you can wait to catch one of them. Down to the capital city, it will cost 30Nrs per person to Samakhusi Chowk on ring road through Tokha and Grande.  


I will definitively recommend this hike to everyone as it is very short (less than 4 hours) and very easy (not so much up and down) with great views on Himalayas (at least from Kakani). I will even recommend to spend an overnight there as many hotels and guest houses are available.

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