Where is White Gumba (Seto Gumba)?

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White Gumba

Hi friends, Today I am going to write about WHITE GUMBA(Seto Gumba) which is also known as Druk Amitabh Monastery. I am sure that most of the people from Kathmandu also dont have an idea about the location of WHITE GUMBA (Seto Gumba). To reach there you need to reach SITA PAILA first. Sita Paila lies in the RING ROAD. It’s around three kilometer from Swyambhunath.Situated at calm and peaceful environment at the top seto gumba is really a nice cultural site. A monastery which belongs to ‘nuns’ (female monks) is opened for general public visit on SUNDAY only. 

RECENT UPDATES on 28th Oct,2014: "White Gumba will remain closed today onwards until any further formal notice"

How is the location?
Situated at the top, white gumba is located at very beautiful place from where nice scenery of Kathmandu valley can be seen. 

How to reach White Gumba?
You can start your trip from two different locations according to your ease. One is from halchowk and another one from sitapaila.

If you are going on public vehicle you have to walk from a junction of ramkot and white gumba. Or, if you have your own vehicle then you can take it straight up to the white gumba. As it is located at up-hill, we suggest you to take a vehicle which is in good condition because the way to monastery is very steepy  which  is little bit dangerous. You can go on bikes and cars but scooters are not so much suggested to take there. Anyone who is looking forward to go on hike can also opt for white gumba. 

How long does it take to reach White Gumba?

On Bike from Hallchowk or Sitapaila it will take only 20-30 minutes.

Entering inside the monastery of White Gumba: 
If you have your own vehicle then you have to park it in the parking area of monastery as suggested by the guards. A token slip is provide to you for parking purpose which cost Nepalese rupees ten only. No other fees and charges are taken to visit the monastery. Upon Entering inside they will provide you visiting PASS which you have to wear during the visit of Monastry and which must be return back when you are leaving. It's compulsary to take that pass. 

Important note to Tourist while visiting White Gumba:

You don't have pay a single penny to visit the monastory. It's free for everyone.

Some useful info about fooding( Restaurant):

You can find 1 cafe and two refreshment house indise the Gumba. Also outside the Gumba there are few restaurants as well. 

Other things that you can do at White Gumba:

- Photography

- Meditation at your own

- Sightseen 


Things not to do at White Gumba:

- Photography inside the main temple is not allowed.

- Entering into the restricted areas are strictly prohibited.

- Littering here and there a great stupidity.

- Alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited.

- Outside foods and beverages are not entertained inside the monastery.

- Respectful behaviour and attire should be maintained.


Quick Facts about White Gumba

- No Public vehicle will take you white gumba directly 

- It opens only on Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM

- You will find cafe inside the Gumba

- Entry fee for white gumba is free to not only Neplese its free for all tourist as well. 

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