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Cool and windy early morning and birds' twitter were the first thing that stroke my mind. While still in bed, i was excited about my wish to feel the mountains right in front of my eyes. Moreover, that day was weekend and i knew, it will be hard for me to pass-through to 6 pm. "Ghandruk", dream village was my destination, for two days week-end holidays. I was among my friends, who initially invited to join the trip. without any further chaos in mind, i plotted my interest.Less than a week, Ramesh, managed all the settings for the trip. Guys from Yomari INC, and Sanjeev, Sirish were in the list. I was determined to enjoy this trip to the fullest.

Almost at half past six, we heaeded towards Pokhara, where we were supposed to have a night stay. Soon, we were leaving the crowd, we somehow started to get energy to chill. With no time to spend, all of us were familiar to each other. Guys started firing jokes after jokes which was never to forget. Soon, darkness covered the atmosphere. I could only see the trailing lights of vehicles running on their destination. Curved highway and chilly wind gave me the excitement that i was seeking for a long time. I wondered, some of my friends had already started snooring. Not surprisingly, we had to face "traffic jam" on the way, that i will not like to write in. Once cleared, micro-bus driver got the gear. But, the music he played was insanely boring. However, I have had my hunger in control until dinner station stop. "Chicken-Daal-Bhat-Papad- Pickles" was on the menu, mouth-watering as i would like to mention. With this short-pause, we drove off on lonely night. Occassionly, other fellow passengers sharing comedy out of no where. Eventually, about 1 am at night, we reached safely to Pokhara.

Anxiety stroke all the sleepy heads as we were unable to get the hotel, we booked. After few phone calls and may, we finally got the hotel. I found, all of my friends on top of bed in just a blink of an eye. "good night" was the call from the other room, "good night".

Early morning, I felt the freshness of Pokhara, which i can never image in capital city. Right from my window, I can see foreigners cycling and jogging. Further apart, Fewa Lake, humble and silent yet appealing. To cut our expenses, we got our baggage and quickly we were out for breakfast to the nearby resturant. Santosh, managed a vehicle upto "BireThati". After quick breakfast, we were out to "Ghandruk". As we moved forward, Mt. Machapucchre stood right in front of our eyes. I had never been so close to any of the peak. It was worth visit here, the only thing that flew throught my mind. While in the hillocks, there took place cycling competition, from all around the world. Nepal has been considred as the best place for extreme cycling competitions. Few hours in jeep, finally we reached "Naya-Pul". From there, jeep can continue further ahead but, we came to the point to start hike. we took short rest, after painful drive. we bought drinks and snacks for emergency hunger-control. It was well fascinating to drink a can of chilled beer at the mid of the day. Nayapul is also taken a hub for small market. beside, there folws a river adding beauty and freshness to this junction.

It was almost noon, when we began to march towards ghandruk. We followed the direction map and the trail. We were all anxious, how ghandruk look like and most importantly whether we could make upto it. With all our guts, we moved ahead. About an hour walk, we got the first glimpse of waterfall, though small. without indulging much on it, we moved. Now, I started feeling stroke on my head as it was scorching sun right above skull. But still, friends encouragement and jokes hide my head ache. three hours after we left nayapul, we reach the point from where we had to take stone paved stairs heading towards ghandruk. we found nice and well managed hotels and shops where we took rest for a while. I thought i have came across such far, I could make across these stairs. Soon, I can feel stress on my legs muscle. I found hard to even  drag my leg across single step. I had to take extra pause on frequent intervals. Amagingly, tourist pushed ahead with great stamina. I could only stand and see. I felt my head beat and heart beat pumping in pace. nevertheless, i was so determined, i will make upto Ghandruk. The path was paved to perfectly, neat and clean. It was really a place to go for every foreigners. On regular interval, we found foreigners, bading "namaste", so forth. Being in abroad, i had managed to learn few chinese words, which i used to chinese foreigners, whiched shocked them. It was truly friendly experience. Around six pm, we reached our hotel at ghandruk. We have had short lavatory, and soon gathered on the roof top. It was below the temperature we expected. Unluckly, mist and cloud had already coverd the mountains. It was well a mystry for us. Without delay, we ordered "sukuti" and local vodka to get some heat. After dinner, local people arranged a musical program for visitors. Some skipped the program and went to sleep while some of us enjoyed the dance. Moreover, I liked the dance of sanjeev, which was well unique. I could have stayed a bit longer, but I couldnt resist sleep, after all, six hours of walk had almost made me fragile.

Next morning, when i first opened my eyes, I saw mountains in near proximity. Goodness Me !, I got my camera ready, tripod, and extra zoom lenses. I knew, i can only have few time to catch my life-time wish. I gathered snaps wotever i can . I witnessed, the sunlight striking the white mountain, felt like the icy mountain burning. It was magical, I can hardly put in words. Regardless of my fear, i can see sun emerging from the hills, covering the village. It was the day to return back to pokhara and eventually Kathmandu. At a point, i was touched by this beautiful village. Without any hard feelings, we marched out way back. we had to reach to a station from where we had to take jeep. Now, I am writing my experience from visit to ghandruk, from my bed, with a cup of coffee. I am well tempted to have similar kind of hiking or even exciting. Any suggestions are always welcome. Upper Mustang ?? wot say fellas ??

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