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Pumori Expedition

Pumori Expedition (7161 M.) (Around 35 - 36 Days)
Pumori is the most noteworthy mountain for those who wish to climb 7000m peaks in the Himalayas of Nepal. The pyramid cut and stunningly looking Pumori peak (7161m) dominates the skyline behind Kalapatther 5643m (18,513ft), which looks like a cluster of rock on Pumori Southwest ridge. The peak was named "Pumori" by George Leigh Mallory, means "Unmarried Daughter" in the Sherpa language. This stunning peak lies in the upper Khumbu region of Nepal. The peak is on the border of Nepal and Tibet right in front of Mt. Everest, where the alteration between the two countries is obvious. The arid Tibetan Plateau stretches to the north and west, and the brilliant white peaks of Nepal rise to the south and east. Climbing Pumori requires a reasonable technical climb on ice and snow. The standard route for the climbing is South East Ridge before it traverses to the East Ridge for the rest of the ascent. Requiring excellent physical strength, Pumori offers sections of wild exposure, views of Lhotse and Everest, with technical difficulty worthy of any Himalayan climber. Pumori is a serious expedition peak intended only for qualified climbers. The finest season to explore this stunning peak is September to November and March to May.

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