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New Eco-friendly Bags: Poca now in NEPAL

New Eco-friendly Bags: Poca now in NEPAL Jul 22, 2013

Poca Bag is a combination of all necessities. It just more than a bag.It’s a SOLUTION. The bag is compact and can be carried around with the attached karabiner. It can be hung in your belt buckle, your regular bag, and be hung with your key ring. Poca isn’t just all style, it is a hard worker. It can carry up to 8 kgs of weight with ease. Has the ability to withstand rain and shine. It will carry your food materials, clothes, groceries, etc with safety and ease. You can easily clean Poca with just once wash and has the ability to dry really quickly. Why harm the environment with polythene bags when Poca will save money and energy for you? Jute..Paper.. other similar bags are of course good for the environment but they are not portable or even easy to pack. Just ask yourself do you have space for those bulky bags in your pocket.. Don’t you tend to forget them at home and end up using polythene or buy a new bag altogether… you won’t have the problem with Poca… don’t forget the Karabiner. So Join the Revolution… be a Poca Owner!

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