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  • Osho Tapoban Nepal

    OSHO TAPOBAN Nepal: An International Commune & Forest Retreat Center

    Posted on Jun 2, 2012 by suraksha under Temple

    I was very worried,unhappy and unsatisfied from the very beginning of my life thinking that my life will be wasted doing nothing for myself,for my inner peace and ecstasy and for others who are also facing the same problem.Then suddenly a friend of mine came and asked me to visit the place called ...

  • Jhoor, Tokha, Kathmandu, Nepal

    Journey to Jhoor, Tokha, Kathmandu

    Posted on May 30, 2012 by ER Saurav Shrestha under Hiking

    Our journey started in search of peace and tranquility which ended at Jhoor, Tokha, Kathmandu, Nepal. After finishing our official meeting, me and three of my friends headed towards Tokha. Everone was tired and frustrated with the official task and was really in a hunt of some refreshment.We ...

  • Temple@Basantapur during a gorgeous night...

    Historic Temples of Basantapur,Kathmandu, Nepal

    Posted on May 29, 2012 by ER Saurav Shrestha under Temple

    As I walked around Basantapur, Kathmandu, one of the most happening place in Nepal, there are so many Temples and sceneries that just begged to be photographed. I tried to capture most of the temples and was really impressed by the view of Kathmandu Durbar Square. Kathmandu Durbar Square or ...

  • Trisuli Rafting, Nepal

    Rafting at Trisuli River

    Posted on May 28, 2012 by ER Saurav Shrestha under Rafting

    We left Kathmandu at about 0600 Hours and drove approximately 3 hrs. to Fishling, our put-in point. After we had our breakfast we headed towards the beach. Then the crew assembles the raft, they explained the safety equipment and proper procedures.During the day, we ran a numbers of rapids, that ...

  • noImage

    Galkot Glorious past, Dim future

    Posted on May 28, 2012 by aakash under Miscellaneous

    I come from Kathmadu, which in my view, well, until I came to Baglung bazar, was the most expensive place of Nepal. Don’t get me wrong, Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is expensive compared to other regions of Nepal but not as expensive as Baglung! Add this to the fact that Baglung is not ...

  • Bar Cafe Hemingsways

    Bar Cafe Hemingway's MOMO

    Posted on May 22, 2012 by DavidWolf under Night Life

    Hemingways in KathmanduI was in Kathmandu for a weeklong holiday. Walking towards Thamel, I saw thissignboard saying “Bar Café Hemingway’s”. Now I am a fan of the Old Man so hadto check out the place. As soon as you walk up to the bar, you feel that the OldMan himself ...

  • Rani Mahal Palpa

    Palpa: An unsung Paradise

    Posted on May 22, 2012 by Angelrex under Hiking

    Disclaimer: This is a diary of, three unregistered engineers, and a patrakar, who took off from the concrete city to get a taste of what it takes to be a dreamer, and please read it out loud! i dont verbally mean loud! i mean read it. I have had always admired Taj Mahal, for its creepy ...

  • Planning For Nepal Visit

    Planning for Nepal Visit

    Posted on May 21, 2012 by DavidWolf under Travel Tips

    If you have planned a holiday in Nepal,you have to find out how to get here cheaply and short transit hours at the most.There are 27 airlines operating to and from 21 destinations of 15 countries. The only flight from Europe is from Amsterdam and is operated by Arke Fly. There is only one ...

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