How to go to Rara Lake?

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Rara lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Nepal. It is one of the few pristine and less crowded trekking destinations in Nepal. Situated in the smallest district of Nepal, Mugu, the beauty of Rara lake is uncontestable. Surrounded by hills all around and mountains behind the hills to the northern side, the lake is surely alluring. The lake lies at an altitude of 2990 meters asl and is one of the Ramsar sites of Nepal.

Not only is Rara lake aesthetic with natural beauty, but it’s home to three endemic fishes, the rare red panda, himalayan black bears, leopards and plenty of foxes that howl early in the morning around the lakes.

How to reach Rara Lake? 

There are different options on getting there. Let’s talk about each option.

1. The easiest option- Flight to Rara Lake

You can either take a flight from Nepalgunj to Talcha airport or take a flight from Surkhet airport to Talcha.

2.The second easiest option- Jeep or Private vehicle to Rara Lake

You can take a jeep to Rara lake. Yes, you read it correctly. But it’s not a local thing, so you might have to reserve it, either from Nepalgunj or Surkhet or Jumla. But the jeep does take you pretty close to the lake, you need to walk for just about 20 25 minutes and you’ll be at the lake.

By Bus: Kathmandu to Neplajung: It will take around 16 -20 hours to reach there.

3) The third easiest or the hard but proper way to go to Rara lake option- Trek!

The most awesome way to enjoy the pristine Karnali is to walk through the amazing landscape blended with the unique and authentic culture of the west.

Let’s explore the Trekking Option

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You can either take a bus to Jumla, If I remember correctly, you can get a bus that goes to Jumla directly from Kathmandu which costs you 2700 Nrs. Or you can take a bus to Surkhet, which will cost you around 1200-1400 depending upon how much you can bargain. From Surkhet to Jumla you can take a bus, a bus ride through one of the most dangerous highways in Nepal (or a jeep). You can either get off at Jumla or get off early at Gothijyula and walk from there. It’s a whole days’ walk from Gothijyula to Rara. But if you decide to go to Jumla instead it might take a day and half. My suggestion would be to take one of those routes at least once, Jumla bazar is a must see place if you go to Rara lake. It’s one of the best headquarters of Nepal I’ve ever been to and it’s simply, extremely beauitful.

How much is it going to cost for Rara Lake trek ? 

The overall cost of the trip is going to be between 12-15000 depending on how much you spend and how big of a group you have since, a decent group will minimize the living costs. Not that Jumla or any other place you stay is going to be that expensive.

What about accommodation at the Rara Lake? 

There is one hotel at the lake, Red Panda hotel, its big enough to fit lot of people (Well not a lot but not bad enough) but they do have tents as other options. I went there during new year and it was super insanely packed but I still managed to get a room. But just in case it’s better to be prepared by calling them beforehand. If not then you can walk to the nearest village to the south of the lake where you can get homestays.

What about phone charging and networks around Rara Lake? 

As long as you are in Jumla or anywhere else, phone charging won’t be a problem. But the time when I was there, there wasn’t phone network at the lake, neither NTC or Ncell. But as usual, it’s always handy to take the skyphone sim because they have networks everywhere.

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