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Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, also known as Annapurna Base Camp Trek receives thousands of tourists from all over the world who make the arduous trek up to the base camp of the South Annapurna, and to the right of which lies the 10th highest mountain in the world.  

How to do Annapurna Base Camp Trekking?

The Annapurna Base Camp trek starts at Nayapul, about 2 hour’s drive from Pokhara. Reaching Nayapul is very easy, you can either get microbus/bus from Kathmandu which goes to Either Beni or Baglung. Or else you can get a micro from Kathmandu to Pokhara and then catch a bus to Nayapul. But directly getting a microbus to Nayapul would be better. 

The cost of microbus upto Nayapul is Nrs 550

From Nayapul you can either walk (About 5 hours) up to Ghandruk or you can take a bus which will take about Nrs 100. 

If you decide to walk then Ghanduk is about 5 hours from Nayapul. 

The next day you can start early in the morning and reach either Chhomrong or Sinuwa. Chhomrong is about 5-6 hours from Ghandruk and Sinuwa is another 1.5 to 2 hours from Chhomrong. Sinuwa is pretty close from Chhomorong so you can try it as well, that way you will save a day. 

While starting from Chhomrong it may be a little hard to reach Deurali the next day, but if you start from Sinuwa then you can reach Deurali by the end of the day. If you start from Chhomrong then you can stay at Himalaya.  

The next day, starting from Deurali you head off to the Annapurna Base Camp. Just a few minutes of walk from Deurali and Annapurna III opens up ahead of you, Machchapuchhre lies just at the other side of the river in disguise. About 2 hours of walk will take you to the Machhapuchhre Base Camp. The view from Machchapuchhre base camp is amazing, you get to see the other side of Machchapuchhre which looks different, and you’ll be surrounded by mountains all around. Another two hours of walk and you will reach the Amazing Annapurna Base camp, as the sign board says. 

With an unbeatable view, the Base camp sits right below the South Annapurna and an amazing 360 degrees of Mountain View. 

**The trail from Deurali to Machchapuchhre base camp is prone to small scale avalanche so it’s better to start early if you’re trekking during post winter season or if there’s too much of snow in any case.

Getting down from the base camp is easy, starting from the base camp, you can easily descend down to Sinuwa or even Chhomrong if you walk at a good pace. But if you have time it’s better to do it slow. The trail is same up to Chhomrong, but you can decide to take an alternative route from Chhomrong, if you don’t want to return the same way. 

From Chhomrong, you can go down to Jhinu dada, enjoy the hot spring there and then walk down to New Bridge and make your way to Landruk from there. It’s just a downhill, pretty steep at times. 

From Landruk you can either take a jeep or trek to Pitam Deurali and then to Australian Camp. A short walk about 30 minutes will take you to Kadey, on the Pokhara-Baglung highway. 

P.S. You can also do the Nayapul-Birethanthi-Ghorepani-Ghandruk route of the trek. Or start from Tatopani in Ghasa. That would be a pretty longer version of the trek though.

How much will it cost for Annapurna Base camp trekking for Nepali?

Nrs 1000/day up to Chhomrong.

Nrs 1500/day from Deurali onwards 

Summarized Itinerary for the 7/8 Days Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

Day 1: Kathmandu-Nayapul-Ghandruk (By jeep)

Day 2: Ghandruk-Chhomrong- Sinuwa (5-6 hours to Chhomrong) (7-8 hours) – Lunch at Komrong River 

Day 3: Sinuwa-Bamboo-Dovan-Himalaya-Deurali (7-8 hours) – Lunch at Dovan or Himalaya

Day 4: Deurali-MBC-ABC (4 hours) - Lunch at MBC

Day 5: ABC-Deurali-Bamboo-Sinuwa (7-8 hours) – Lunch at upper Sinuwa

Day 6: Sinuwa-Jhinu Dada (3-4 hours) (A quick visit to Hot spring) - Lunch Chhomrong 

Day 7: Jhinu Dada to Landruk (2-3 hours) either get a jeep to Pokhara or stay overnight. 

Day 8: Landruk-Pokhara or Kathmandu


Trekking Permits for  Annapurna Basecamp Trekking

ACAP Entry fee for Foreigners : 3000NPR around 30 USD

ACAP Entry fee for SAARC Nationalist: 1000 NPR

TIMS Permit : 1000 NPR 


Recently there is new Trekking Permits price has been updated. 

Best time to do Annapurna Base camp Trekking

There are mainly two seasons which is consider as best time to do Annapurna base camp trekking.

1. September to November  : During Dashain season , weather is super fine and after November the winter will start.

2. March to May: Summer is about to start and after May the monsoon will start. So in between its best time to do ABC trek.


Hotels and Phone numbers in Annapurna Region


Kalpana Guest House- Chhomrong: 98460861949746007618

Shangri-la Guest House- Deurali: 9746041597061-696482


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