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To enjoy a very warm and welcoming attitude and respect from people in Nepal, you must be very careful about few things. These are basically hygiene oriented, clothing, eating, public representation and religious values.


Well, about hygiene, Nepalese do not eat with left-hands. It is considered very dirty and impure. Again, it is so because Nepalese clean their body parts after using toilet with left hands. They do not usually prefer using ‘Toilet- paper’ and rather opt for soap and water. Even if you find ‘toilet-paper’ in few places you visit, make sure to throw the used paper in the bin near-by inside the toilet.


About clothing make sure to wear some decent outfits that cover your knees and your shoulder. This is basically for women. As for men, you could basically put on anything unless you leave your chest bare. You should however opt for some long shorts up to the knees. Jeans and t-shirts are best clothing if you could make-do. It’s for both male and female. Nudity in particular is very offensive at all times. Be it bathing, swimming or washing, you need to wear some piece of article of clothing.


About eating, do not share your already started meal with any Nepalese around. It is considered highly unhygienic. You should neither bite off other’s food nor request to share it. Moreover, do not throw your meal if you seem full later. It’s not viewed as a good trait of character. Wasting food is considered bad in Nepal. However, you could request your host to take the larger quantity pout before you commence your meal.  Also, try not to drink water from a shared vessel or tap touching your lips to the things. Rather learn how to drink by looking at others. Nepalese eat with bare right hands so do not be shocked to find no cutlery in the remote areas. Either carry your own cutlery when going to such places or ask for it in cities.


As in public places, mutual affection between male and female are strongly considered uncomfortable. Even though you find some youngsters hugging and walking hand in hand with each other trolling in the street, it is however considered uncomfortable. As for adults, even married once do not show their affection for each other in public. Moreover, make sure that you do not touch Nepali people of opposite sex to you. They might not find it comfortable. However, a proper non-lingering handshake is welcomed.


When you enter a temple, make sure that you open your shoes and go inside. Be careful and ask people if you are allowed inside in case you are not Hindu. Few temples prohibit non-Hindus inside. As for taking snaps, make sure to ask the authority near-by before clicking the images. And do not carry anything with leather inside.


Make sure not to step over other person and do not point your feet at anyone. Nor should you point your finger at anyone. Better, if you use your two hands to show respect and signal your greeting with ‘Namaste’. For doing ‘Namaste’, you simply have to join your palms together and lift it up to your chin. You can learn doing so by watching others.  Also, make sure to open your shoes and leave it outside the door when entering a home, temple and any other sacred place.


Make sure not to touch holy books or simply books with your feet. And if you step on any article of food, do not eat it. It’ll be considered impure.


Always take permission while clicking on photos of a person or group.


I hope this is helpful to you.

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