Namaste Jharana

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After almost a series of boring hot days, we were in need of the wonderful chilling break. When we got to hear about Namaste Jharana, we didnt do a single second delay making up our mind to be there. We heard very few people had been there, difficult pathway being the reason. But then we decided to be there, thinking it would be an adventurous fun. Knowing nothing about the place, except the place from where we should start walking, we thought to make our plan into action.

Saturday was the perfect day for us. We were to depart from hostel at 7.30 but all of the sudden it started raining. We nearly cancelled our plan for that day, but there was something more stored in our fate. Finally we left the hostel at about 10 am. Till then we had nothing in our mind except the fact we knew was we going to have fun. Started our journey at 11 am. All through the curves along the highway we reached Bhedetar and then to the place we were destined, the Singsawa. Even the driver asked हामी त गएको छैनौ, बैनीहरु सक्नु हुन्छ र? At that time we were like- we will do it anyhow.

Distance from Bhedetar to Namaste Jharana

It was nearly 7-8 kms from the popular Bhedetar, from where we started walking. The pathway was amidst the jungle, no houses anywhere. We could easily guess the waterfall was somewhere near to us from the sound of water splashing from top. After walking for some more minutes we could see the jharana, which immediately brought the smile in all of us. Some snaps right there, and journey towards the place continued. We could see some construction being there. They were actually working to construct the bridge so that all could enjoy the beauty.

It was just 15 minutes walk when we reached one of the jharana.  The sceneries of rocks with the waterfall in between, feels like saluting the nature for such a wonderful creation. But still that was not our destination; we had to reach to the one, more beautiful than that. We headed forward. Not really knowing the way, we decided to go to one of them. But we chose the wrong one. J that didnt matter either for we really had fun in mini trek among the bushes all the way. It was only after some guys from the riverside gave us the voice we knew we were heading towards the wrong way. Back again from there, this time with the confident that we will reach to our destiny and thats for sure. We then climbed down and walked all the way through the rocks, to reach the heavenly waterfall. Moving forward in such pathway was no more difficult for us, for we had already experienced something harder than that before. Finally we reached to the most difficult one. We had to climb the stair made out of the log of tree. But the jeal of reaching to the top made our climbing easy.finally we were to the top climbing all the rocks.

Experience on Namaste Jharana

It was just wow, the water drops splashing among the rocks, the best waterfall I had ever seen.  As soon as we saw it, we jumped in there and then it was all fun. We didnt even want to return. Few memorable minutes spent there and then we were back to our place.

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