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Posted on May 24, 2013 by sabindangol under Trekking

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It was Friday, a weekender, and we had a plan to go to Lamatar on Saturday. It was a bimonthly outing from office. We had made lots of plan to Lamatar. We planned to have a swim on the way to resort, play lots of games, and all the stuffs. But suddenly I got a message in Skype, we are planning to go on an outing today, on Friday. I was like, what!! The plan was to go the next day, but everyone decided to go on Friday after office. And guess the destination, not Lamatar, it was Nagarkot.

After office we went to Nagarkot. It was the first time after4 years I rode a bike on such road. I thought I would not be able to ride the long distance, as I typically have lots of health problem. But anyways I made to the destination. We reached there at around 7:30 PM. And as soon as we checked in the hotel [Hotel Galaxy], we had a dinner. I think it was the first time; we had dinner so soon in an outing. But it was not the end.

After we had the dinner, then the fun part began. We started to drink. We had taken vodka, wine and beer. I preferred vodka, with sprite. I quite like it. Others took wine and beer. Yeah everyone was so crazy after the drink. While we were preparing for the barbeque, suddenly it started to rain. It, at first, felt our trip was ruined. But who could stop us from enjoying. We started to drink, and dance. But my frens, Vikas, Pradip, Dibya were so determined, that they made readied the chicken. Yeah it was raining but could not stop their determination to have the barbeque ready. You guys are great!! It was fun, but at the same time, a lesson learnt in life. If you are determined to do something, nothing can stop you. The chicken was over cooked, but you guys did the great job.

We played the guess the movie name until 4 in the morning. It actually has been a tradition in our office to not sleep until it was 4 in the morning. We played, drank, and drank all night long. It was wonderful. Funny and bad things happened, but things that will be remembered for life. Pradip was sitting on a table. I had shown him that it was going to break, but continued to sit on it. Guess what, the table broke. And we had to conceal the broken table. What could have been the best way to do that, yeah, we were having barbeque, and we needed more fire. Yess, we burnt the table. The other thing, that we could not hide was the broken glass. In one of our rooms, there was a broken glass. My fren, Prabin[very drunk] thought it was not good to keep the broken glass in the room, and decided to throw out the window. And what happens, is he thinks, there is no glass on the window, and tries to throw right through it. And the window was left with big hole. We paid for it.

In the morning, we had breakfast, and returned home. It was a trip that would be remembered for life.

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