Jiri Gateway To Mount Everest Through Lukla Nepal

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Altitude: 1905 m (6250 feet)

District: Dolakha

Zone: Janakpur

Distance from Kathmandu: 184 km

Travel option: Bus

Latitudes: 27° 38' 0" N

Longitudes: 86° 14' 0" E

Average temperature: 10-25°c (may fall to -5 to -10°c in winter)



The infamous Jiri blessed with spectacular landscapes, snow-covered hills, and green grasslands has already earned a name for itself "The Switzerland of Nepal".

In fact, the environment in Jiri is so green and refreshing that it is believed that the land itself is a remedy to the darkest possible disease. Despite of holding sloppy lands, there is no record of any major landslides so far which again entitles it as a sanctified place.

Moreover, the terraced farmlands and beautiful houses along with amazing hills tantalize people to go for a leisurely hiking. Jiri experiences a little rainfall to cool down the burning heat by noon. So people can always rejoice the cool temperament of the place around the clock.

Jiri is the trail for many treks into the Mount Everest region. The trek to Lukla takes about seven to eight days from Jiri. Looking back at the history, all early Everest expeditions including the one led by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary to the summit passed via Jiri. It was then it started to be known popularly as "Gateway to Mt. Everest".

People can take the easily available bus service from Kathmandu. It takes about 184 km ride that is 8 to 10 hours due to the winding narrow roads along the high-way.

There are a number of lodges available in Jiri Bazaar. One of the most amazing facts about the lodges in Jiri is the hospitality reflected by the locals. They are so great at delivering the services that people visiting Jiri are bound to go back again.

As astonishing as it may seem, despite most occurring strikes in Nepal, Jiri is the only place in Nepal where no strikes hits home.

So if your next destination is Jiri, pack your back and be ready to meet the heavenly land of Jirels.

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