Bandipur Remote Newari Culture Village

Posted on Nov 10, 2014 by sabindangol under Trekking

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I had only known about Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur as the place where there were newari culture and architecture, until one day I went to a place far from home but still made me feel like near home, a place named Bandipur, a small village located at the top of the hill.

I went on a trip to Bandipur with frens from my office, the place they always bragged about. We all gathered at our office, took a bus that we had reserved, headed towards the destination. We started off our journey by starting a bar in the bus, we started drinking vodka at 9 in the morning, started to sing along the way. 

There are points I remember we had to pass, the first one was Kalanki of course, the main gateway. It is only after we cross Kalanki, we feel we are going a little far away from home. Then there was of course Galchhi, where tasty fish is found. One the way there was a Marsyandi hydro power station, which we by chance got to visit, as one of our frens had a friend there who was in the army, and was looking after the security of the place. I did not know, such great engineering was needed to generate electricity. We then went to the army camp, did the boating, took some snapshots, and left for the destination. We went past the muglin, khairini and finally climbed (on bus of course) the hill that went towards Bandipur.

At around 4 PM we reached there, went to the resort we had booked, a very nice greetings from the manager there. We kept our belongings into the hotel, freshened up, and decided to take a walk. While walking, we could see people doing the para-gliding. We went to that hill, and saw the beauty of the Sun setting. Then we went to the market, as everyone said, not a big one though, but a feel of an ancient Newari Culture, which made me feel like near home. It was wonderful, how they preserved their culture. And then we returned to our hotel room to get rest, as we had to take a walk to go the famous cave around there.

The next morning, we sent the bus, and asked to wait, and we started hiking toward the cave (Gufa in Nepali). It was a long walk down the hill. Very beautiful jungle, but I would not want to go there alone. I think beauty could be dangerous. After walking for around 1 hour, we reached the Gufa, where there is a belief that Lord Shiva, used to medidate. There were lots of stories associated with it. Two cute little girls became our guide when we were inside the cave showing us different things, and telling stories about them. It was nice experience.

And then we further moved down the hill to catch the bus, and returned home, carrying sweet memories with us. I would visit that place again some day.

Time to reach Bandipur from Kathmandu: Around 5 Hours
Places to See: Siddha Cave

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