Why visit Nepal after the recent earthquakes? Help Nepal by visiting Nepal

Posted on May 22, 2015 by NepalTravel under Travel Tips

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Why visit Nepal after the recent earthquakes?

The recent earthquake on 25th April and its aftershocks have had a devastating effects on the lives of Nepalese. The epicenter, Barpak, is a very popular tourist destination. The three durbar squares of Kathmandu have suffered damages. Dharahara (the nine story tower in Kathmandu) has collapsed. Many other small towns around Kathmandu have collapsed due to earthquake. Places, once popular for ancient buildings, centuries old art and architecture, have gone to ruins.

But this is not what Nepal is only about. Nepal isn’t all about the 10 highly affected districts out of
75. There are hardly any damages to the East, Mid-West and Far-West Nepal. The earthquake has had effects on the central and western districts only. There are lot of other things that are still intact, that are still enticing, that are still adventurous and that should still be on top of your travel plans.

Nepal is a country that will stun you on many levels. Its variety of landscapes, cultures and people offer a wide variety of activities for travelers to get engaged in. In many travel reviews, Nepal is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia because of its natural beauty, bio diversity, eye catching Himalayas, multi-cultural lavishness and different dialects, friendly people and their warm hospitality.

This beautiful piece of heaven on earth, needs you to recover from the recent devastation, and the best way to contribute to reconstruction/relief is to visit Nepal and not to cancel your plans because just a few of travel destinations within Nepal have suffered damages.Now, is the time to rebuild this beautiful country. Now is the time you can help and now is still the time visit Nepal and enjoy.

Here’s a compilation of ground realities after the recent earthquake in Nepal. It does not seem that logical to cancel Nepal travel plans, just because the Dharahara isn’t there anymore or travel to Sindhupalchowk is restricted. You still can enjoy your time in Pokhara or go on a wildlife safari in Chitwan.

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