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When you arrive at KTM airport expect some chaos if you are buying your visa there. But don not panic. You are now in Nepal!

It is best to have $25 US cash to pay the visa fee. The airport accepts other currencies but they prefer the dollar and you will likely pay more using the other half dozen currencies they accept. You can pay with a credit or debit card but they charge an extra fee and only one of the 3 visa lines will accept card payments.

The fastest way to get through the visa chaos is to immediately go to the left and use the visa computers. You do not need to manually fill out the full page paper application with pictures. You do NOT even need passport photos with you for the visa if you use the visa computers. Of course there is nobody there to tell you all of this which is why I am telling you now. :)


Simply fill out the small arrival card, complete your computer application and get the small printout and take these 2 pieces of paper with your passport and $25 to one of the lines and you are set. Trust me, using the computers to go through the process will save you a lot of time. Still allow a minimum of one hour to get through the whole visa process.

You may still want to bring passport photos, though. You will need one to get a SIM card for your phone. You can expect to have no service when you arrive but do not worry, you can buy a SIM card inside the airport just before the exit.

You can also exchange money at the airport but don not expect a great exchange rate. Maybe $40US-$50US would be a good amount to exchange ust so you have some pocket cash to work with until you can exchange money at a better place or find a cash machine to withdrawal from. 

Things you can get before completing your Immigration process:

1. SIM Card ( Required Passport Photgraph)

2. Money Exchange

3. ATM machine 

4. Pre Paid Taxi

5. Tourist Information Desk

Outside the airport you will now see taxis everywhere. You could choose to take a local bus and save a few dollars, but i don not recommend it for a first time visitor to Kathmandu. It is not worth the time and few dollars you will save.

Following article is written by Justin Beope ( US Resident)

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