Travel Tips for Indian who will be visiting Nepal

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If you are an Indian planning to visit Nepal, you definitely should know these facts about India and Nepal.

1. You do not need a visa to enter Nepal. No records are maintained at the points of entry at the Indo-Nepal Borders. Still you should carry a Government issued ID proof for your own safety.

2. You can bring your own vehicle to Nepal. Recently both the governments have signed a agreement to allow private vehicles from one country to drive to another country for one week without fees, and for one month after paying a fee. The permission is granted at the border itself.

3. Indian currency is well accepted within Nepal. Indian currencies of all denominations are well accepted in Nepal. Recently even INR1000 and INR500 notes have legally been allowed to be carried to Nepal to a limit of INR25000 by both the governments.Mostly people easily accept 100rs IC here.

4. 1INR=1.6NPR. The forex rate for Indian currency to Nepalese rupees is 1.6 times the value of Indian Currency. So, you’ll have lot more money to spend in Nepal.

5. Indian ATMs do work in Nepal. There’s Nepal SBI bank in collaboration with SBI and Everest Bank which runs in collaboration with Punjab National Bank, India. There’s a nominal fee charged on every transaction. (P.S Nepal SBI charges INR.20 per withdrawl with a limit of INR.40000 per day).

6. Majority of Nepalese do understand Hindi. The scripts for Nepali and Hindi are same-Devanagari Script. Hindi movies, hindi TV soaps and hindi songs are very popular among Nepalese. So traveling within Nepal will be very easy.

7. There are subsidized rates for Indian tourists for a lot of travel options. Entry permits to a lot of restricted areas and even flight tickets are subsidized for Indian tourists compared to tourists from SAARC countries. Entry passes to museums, world heritage sites, national parks, wildlife reserves are available to Indian tourists at lower rates than for International tourists.

8. Regular bus services have just begun between Nepal and Indian cities. Apart from regular flights, both governments have started daily bus services on three routes: Kathmandu-Bhairahawa-Sunauli-Gorakhpur-Lucknow-Kanpur-Agra -New Delhi -1250Km, 30hrs, INR2300 per person

Pokhara-Bhairahawa-Sunauli-Gorakhpur-Lucknow-New Delhi

9.  Almost all Nepalese restaurants serve the same food as in India. You’ll find almost the same items on the menu in Nepalese restaurants as in India. Dal, Chawal, Roti, Sabji though in different names, are served as a daily course meal in Nepal. All cities have restaurants for vegetarians as well. Also, some of the Indian food chains have their outlets in Nepal (Bikaner, Sanjeev Kapoor’s, Aagan,......)

10. Non-veg items, liqours are common in almost all small outlets. Though majority of Nepalese are Hindus followed by Buddhists, all the cities/villages have eateries with non-veg items especially Mutton, Chicken and Buff.

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