Nagarkot, a spectacular view of sunrise and sunset

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Altitudes:  2,195 m

District: Bhaktapur

Zone: Bagmati

Distance from Kathmandu: 32 km

Travel options: Bus, Taxi, hiking

Latitudes:  27.7152

Longitudes: 85.5208



Nagarkot is gifted with a mesmerizing panoramic view of sunrise and sunset. Since the climate of Nagarkot is a little colder than Kathmandu, the best time for the visit is from October to March. It is said that the sky is very clear during those days.


As the second highest peak in Kathmandu, it leaves a loose trail for hiking and mountain biking along the valley into different fascinating spots. Pony riding, Jungle walks and bird watching could yet be a new interest to the adventure-seekers. The sight is most delightful in summer when the nature brightens with wonderful lights and colors. Here, the forests are covered with pine trees giving the place a mysterious glow.


Nagarkot boasts very magnificent and stunning sights of Mount Everest in the East and Dhaulagiri range in the West. Similarly, for those who are a huge fan of hiking, Sundarijal, Bhaktapur and Banepa are the most sought-after-destinations.


‘Sankhu’,’ Vajra Jogini’ and ‘Changu Narayan’ are some of the beautiful temples that would come along the way to the above mentioned hiking destinations. People can trek over the trail passing through meadow of beautiful flowers and some unique rock formations. Historic town with various traditional houses can be noticed as well. Moreover, few lovely picnic spots are also found where people can enjoy their personal freedom. The locals are always interactive and have wonderful smile in their faces all the time.


It is a place where people can bask in the natural beauty and spectacular sights of Manaslu, Gauri Shankar and Ganesh Mountain.


It is far from the city’s honking horns, pollutions and dust. All that people experience here is fresh air and greenery around the year.


On the further note, Nagarkot was also one of the favorites of the then Royal family and some very great individuals who used to visit the place for recreation especially in the summer.


For the better recreation options, there are various resorts, hotels and restaurant overlooking the valley. They have organized the spot in such a way that the visitors have an easy view of the sunrise and sunset while sipping delicious coffee to soothe down the cool breezes hitting their faces.


Hope that this piece of information may help you to make a decision about your next trip.


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