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1. How to reach there?

- If you have a large group, you can take a bus – the route will be Katmandu-Naubise- Galchi- Nuwakot. Or if you are small in group, take a bike trip, will be much more fun.

2. How long does it take?

Approximately 4 hours

3. Road Safety?

The highway route is pretty safe.

4. What to do?

-You can visit ‘Jalapadevi’ Temple in DeviGhat which lies in the way.

-Nuwakot Darbar

-Bhairavi Devi Temple (Just walking distance from Nuwakot Darbar)

5. Number of Hotel/Resort?

- There are many hotels in a place called ‘Bidur’. But not many of them are managed properly.

6. Attraction about Nuwakot Durbar?

It’s a seven storied durbar, has walls approximately 5m thick. You can see rooms where Great King ‘Prithvi Narayan Shah’ stayed, prisoner room and a beautiful view from top. Also you can visit Bhairavi Temple which is approximately 5 minutes walking distance from durbar.


Moving on to our story:

Since we were planning this outing from office, we had to book our hotel before going. But not much information was available about the hotel there. So after searching, we got phone number of a Hotel called ‘Hotel Trishuli’. We booked it and were ready to go.

Bus Journey : Kathmandu to Nuwakot

We left from here at around 10:30 am. The usual ‘Antashari’ in bus will never stop from being fun.  We reached at ‘Galchi’ at aroung 1 PM and had some food in a local hotel. After that we headed towards our destination and in between, we got look at some beautiful view of Trishuli river.

After travelling about 1 hour we reached to  place called Devighat, where a temple called ‘Jalapadevi’ is situated. This place is historically significant as funeral of ‘Prithvi Narayan Shah’ took place here.

After this quick detour, we now headed towards Nuwakot, and reached there at around 3 PM in a place called ‘Bidur’, where our hotel was booked.  We rested for some time having tea and played musical chair as planned which was fun and I am amazed to find that every time a girl wins such games!!

Hiking: Hotel to a Local Stupa

We then decided to take a quick hike a local stupa which was at around half hour of walking distance. It was a normal stupa with nothing fancy but a hike is always nice as interesting talks always happen in hiking.

Nighttime Activities

We had already planned some fun activities for the evening. It started with dividing each team in a group of 6 people. First start the quiz which included questions about Nepal, Entertainment, Know your colleagues, and Rapid Fire. It was quite fun and a winner team was decided and presented with gifts.

After that we lit up a fire and had a barbeque session with some music followed with Pictionary and Damsaraj.

Visit to Nuwakot Durbar

After having breakfast at around 8, we hopped into bus at around 9:30. Nuwakot Darbar is around 7 km away from Bidur. The road is pitched up, so taking bus is fine but taking a ride from bike would be more convenient. It’s around 1 hour ride from Bidur to Nuwakot darbar.

Nuwakot durbar, a seven storied building, is a the palace was built by Prithivi Narayan Shah, the founder of modern Nepal, to aid his campaign of conquering Kathmandu. It holds many stuffs with historical importance. Also view from the top of palace towards Bhairavi Temple is breathtaking itself.

After this, we visited Bhairavi Temple which is just in 5 minutes of walking distance from durbar. Rested for some time and headed home.


Quick Facts:

Distance: About 80 kms from Kathmandu

Expenses (for about 25 people):  Bus Fare –Rs. 13000, Hotel Expenses-Rs. 15000

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