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Where it is?
Mango Tree is located only 7 km before Besisahar, in the Lamjung district. The bus stop is Chipleti Dalal.

How to reach there?
You can follow the route-Kathmandu-Dumre- Besisahar, but get off at Chipleti Dalal. From there you need to cross the river on our 200m long suspension bridge.

How long does it take to reach there?
It takes about 5 hours to get here from Kathmandu, on a motorbike or by bus. From Pokhara it is about 3 hours.

How is the Road?
The road from Dumre to Besisahar is black topped, so a pretty good road.

What other activities we can do at Mango Tree?
1. Short and longer hikes
2. Long treks
3. Bird Watching
4. Photography
5. Homestay option
6. BBQ, Camp Fire
7. Fishing, canyoning.

They can also arrange for rafting on the Marshyangadi river in combination with an overnight stay here. They are situated right on the edge of a little hill, overlooking the beautiful Marshyangadi river dam.

How many people can be accommodated?
They can host around 12 people at once in their tented camp.

Price per night, or package ?
Mango Tree has a pre-made package with overnight stay, 3 meals included and all filtered water, tea and coffee included. This package is 2500 rupees.
(Note: Price may change on time accordingly)

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