The Heritage of Mallaj

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The Heritage Mallaj is one of those hotels I stumbled upon internet rather on foot.

A 110 years old former palace of some Malla family that dwells on the hills of Beni,Lamjung was renovated by his sucessors.

The picturequese location, the rooms that gives us reminiscence of how it would have been hundred  yrs ago, organic n mouthwatering food makes it perfect get away form kathmandu. But it does lie on pricier side. You pay what you get for.

They also have their facebook page named : The heritage Mallaj

Where it is?
It is located at Mallaj, Parbhat. Its about 90 km away from Pokhara.

How to reach there?
You can start your journey  en route to Beni from Pokhara - When you reach a town called Milanchowk (Lunghdi Bridge - 4 kms before reaching Beni - you take a diversion and climb up hill journey to Mallaj.

How long does it take to reach there?
Four Wheelers : It takes you 2:45 to 3:00 hrs to reach Mallaj from Pokhara - but for the last led of 8 kms uphill, you need a 4WD vehicle.
Two Wheelers:  if you have a dirt bike you can save almost 30 mins travel time.
Another option is to take public transport from PKR and get dropped of at Wari Beni and hike up to the resort - take about 30 - 45 mins depending on how fit you are.

How is the Road?
The highway from PKR to Beni is pretty good, like most roads around the country but the last stretch of 8 kms is a rough mountainous road and need to 4WD.

What other activities we can do at Mallaj?
Short or long hike, Bird Watching, Photography, BBQ, Camp Fire, Concert, Party Event, Team Building Event.

Package Menu Option:
We have two types of accommodation options
1. Proper rooms in the main house
2. Tent at tented camp area
We offer full board packages Rs 3000 (single occupancy) and Rs 5500 (twin sharing) for the rooms.
Rs 2500 (single occupancy) and Rs 4500 (double occupancy) for the tents

The recent guest we had - who reached here on a mountain bike - from the high way it took him 1:45 mins and after one night stay - he took alternate road down to Beni to continue his journey to Mustang - it was a great new opening for us - target the mountain bikers and downhill riders

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