The Gurung Heritage Trail trek (Ghalegaun Nepal)

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Ghalegaun, Situated in Lamjung is a “Model Vilage” for homestay, a famous destination for domestic as well as international tourists. The Ghalegaun trek falls under the “Gurung Heritage Trail”. If you’re not a citizen of Nepal you’ll need permit, which you can get from Nepal Tourism Board office in Kathmandu or ACAP office in Lamjung. 


Day 1. 

Kathmandu to Besisahar – Khudi - Ghalegaun

Besisahar is about 179 km from Kathmandu. You can get a micro bus from Bus park, it’s better to catch the earliest microbus that leaves at 6 in the morning so that you can reach Ghalegaun that same day! If you’re planning to take it slow you can rest at Besisahar that day and then start the hike the next day! Which can be done from Besisahar or from Khudi. You can take the Local bus to a place call Bahundada, and get off at Khudi then start your hike up the hills! The way is kind of easier at first, well its easy all the way but it gets a little tricky when you leave the normal trail or even the road trail and join the jungle trail. And there are no signboards or anything at all, so it’s better to keep asking if you see any locals! The climb gets a little steep towards the end. It will take around 5 hours max, to reach Ghalegaun from Besisahar. 4 hours if you can walk fast! 

Ghalegaun has no hotels, its known for having the ideal homestay! Also called “Namuna Gaau” for that. There’s an office right in front of the entrance gate, you can there and register, the personnel there will find you a home. 

Day 2. 

Ghalegaun to Bhujung to Pasagaun

Get up early in the morning and then walk up to a small tower 2 3 minutes from the houses. You can see the South Annapurna, and glimpse of Mt. Machchaapuchhre to the Northwest and Annapurna II and Mt Lamjung to the North with Mt. Manaslu to the East. After the sunrise take tour around the village, then return back to the house and take you breakfast, which will be a typical food of the village. Youll get Kodo ko Sel “Millet Bread” with Gundruk.  

The hike to Bhujung is easy one, just downhill along the roadway for about 1.5 hours. Have your meal in Bhujung and then start the downhill walk until you reach the bottom of the hill, then cross the bridge and start the long climb up to the top of another hill. It will take around 4.5 hours to 5 hours depending up on your speed to reach Pasagaun. Pasagaun is a beautiful village, though no mountains are visible from there it still is  an awesome place!! 

Day 3. 

Pasagaun- Bagaicha- Pokhara

Wake up early if you intend to take bus to Pokhara because there’s a single bus that leaves at 9 and it will take around 1.5 hours to reach the Bus Stop from Pasagaun. The bus ride from Bagaichaa to Pokhara is about 5 hours. The ticket price is 350 rs.

You can then take a tour of Pokhara for a day or two and get back to Kathmandu. 


How much does it cost? 

The microbus ticket from Kathmandu to Beshi Sahar -  450 per person

Bus fare from Besi Sahar to Khudi - 50 Nrs

Homestay - Depends upon what you eat but normal Dal Bhat with meat, and tea 3 times/ morning breakfast would cost somewhere around 650 Nrs, with a 150 per person as a room charge included in the 650 nrs.

Dal Bhat in Bhujung - 210 Nrs

Pasagaun : Around 500 per person for dinner and breakfast including the room 

Bus fare from Pasagaun to Pokhara - 350 nrs

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