Short trip to Khusi Khusi Hotel from Kathmandu

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With some of the creative designers and programmers a plan was made for an outing from office. Leaving office at 5:15 PM we gathered at the Sipradi Trading (nearly 8-10 km away from kalanki on the way to Thankot) from where we moved towards left. In 10 minutes of narrow road journey, we reached the Khusi Khusi Hotel at Matatirtha. At a glance it looked like a big monastery but don't get confused with the housing on the backdrop of Khusi Khusi hotel.

It was already dark when we reached the hotel and a beautiful scenery of night lights can be seen from our room on the first floor. After taking some rest we started to jam up with two guitars, one madal and a iphone drum. With non stop singing, dancing, som rass and bus/train, i hope everyone enjoyed the moment putting aside their regular hectic work. Guys went a bit wild during the session but overall it was a superb weekend break.

Now I would like to share the things that you can do at Khusi Khusi Hotel/Resort:
  • Swimming: Minimum Depth: 4 Feet Maximum Depth:8 Feet. So dont forget to bring your swimming costumes. we dint find any restrictions for the time to enjoy swimming except in the morning during the pool maintenance, but make sure you are safe.
  • Sauna
  • Mini Gym/Fitness Center
  • Pool: You have to pay for it :)
  • Table Tennis
  • Barbeque: You have to pay for this as well. Cost is around Nrs. 2000
  • A short 15-20 mins hike to Machhe Gaun and the Machhenarayan Temple

What I like about Khusi Khusi:
  • Courtesy and behaviour of the Hotel Staffs.
  • Swimming Pool
  • Rooms are OK.

What I dint like about Khusi Khusi:
  • Dinner time is 8:00 PM which is too early. It should have been customizable or the time should be flexible.
  • Breakfast time is 9:00 AM which is too late :)

This hotel is owned by a Korean citizen and you can see Korean language on the suggestion board in the bathroom and the dining hall as well. Korean foods can also be enjoyed at the hotel.

"If you are looking for a short distance resort/hotel from kathmandu with a peaceful environment then Khusi Khusi will be an ideal place for that".

When we were about to return from the hotel we saw a notice that hard drinks are not allowed in the hotel and they do not sell hard drinks as well but the rules doesn't seem to be strict at all.

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