Rato Gurans Resort- Best place to be in Dadeldhura

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Nepal has a lot of destinations that will always amaze you with the beauty and ambience. Apart from the magnificient mountains and holy shrines, there are a plethora of options to travel to places within Nepal. We have a story from our friend Mr. Deepak Saud from Far-West Nepal.

Dadeldhura, the headquarters of Dadeldhura district of Mahakali Zone in the FarWest Nepal is around 900kms from Kathmandu. The area has desert-mountainous landscape with many religious and historical sites. This place is on the route to Mt. Kailash in Tibet and many other trekking destinations.

One of the best place to stay at Dadeldhura is the Rato Gurans Resort, Kukulek ZERO Point, Amargadhi-08 which is almost 3 and a half hours’ drive from Attariya, Kailali or 4 hour’s drive from Dhangadi Airport. The resort is situated at the hillside within the Lali Gurans Jungle and offers great views of Api and Saipal Himalayan Range. With affordable prices, ample parking space and well-maintained halls, this resort is the best place for trainings, seminars, picnic, party or even a barbeque night.

Best time to Travel: January – June

Places to visit

1. Ugratara Mandir: Goddess Bhagwati temple situated some 30mins walk from the resort is also an amazing place for spectacular view of the mountain ranges.

2. Amargadhi Killa/Amar Singh Fort: Situated at around 5kms from the resort, this place is an ancient fort built by the legendary warrior Amar Singh Thapa also known as "Living lion of Nepal", who served as the General of the Nepalese forces of western front in the Anglo–Nepalese War.

3. Ajaymerukot: This place is the palace of the last emperor of this region and can be reached after a half day hiking through fields and villages.

4. Ghatal Mandir: Some 10kms from the resort, this is the only holy temple of Ghatal Baba in Nepal.

For more information on Rato Gurans Resort, Mr. Binod Joshi can be reached at

Here are some great views that can be enjoyed during the trip to Dadeldhura.
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