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Chitwan National Park is the first National Park of Nepal established on 1973. Located in the Sub Tropical low lands of Nepal, the Terai, it covers an area of 932 Sq Km. Chitwan National Park is rich in Floral and Faunal Diversity and harbors staggering number of wild life populations, including the most elusive, exotic and endangered the Bengal Tiger  and of course the One horned Rhinocerous. Not only that, Chitwan National parks has more than 550 birds, 43 species of mammals and overall more than 700 species of various wild life.

How to get to Chitwan ?

Chitwan, situated at South Central part of Nepal is a big city, about 168 Km away from the capital Kathmandu. Chitwan is Easily accessible by land or by flight. Daily local buses or tourist buses leave for Chitwan from Kathmandu from Kantipath. The ticket rates ranging between 450-600 depending upon choices. Or else daily flight are available to Bharatpur from Kathmandu, Sauraha is about 15 km from the Airport.

Where to stay in Chitwan? 

Sauraha provides lots of hotels and guest houses for accommodation with fairly reasonable price’s depending upon the budget, varieties of options can be picked, which can be prebooked or booked upon arriving at Sauraha.

When to travel Chitwan ?

Chitwan National park can be visited all year long. But during the summer seasons the temperature can be extremely hot.  October to February might be a good season from Wild life perspective and definitely good for Bird Watching, with all the migrant birds covering the rivers.

What to see in Chiwan National Park: Sauraha? 

The heart of wild life safari in Chitwan lies at Sauraha. Sauraha is comparably small town with lots of hotels and guest houses for accommodation, and presents the local cultural and ethnic scenic constituents of the local people, mostly Tharus. It is the gateway to wild life safari. Chitwan National Park’s natural habitat is flourished with 3 rivers, Rapti, Narayani and Reu, Rapti river passes along the Sauraha. The river also harbors many wild life faunas, with the onset of December, thousands of migrant birds are seen along the river system daily, and the Muggers and the Gharials basking along the rivers bank. ungle walk, Jungle Jeep Safari or Elepant safari are the major attractions of the Chitwan National park which can be arranged from anywhere, most conveniently almost all the hotels provide the service. 

What will you see in Chitwan National Park? 

Chitwan National park is famous for its tigers and Rhinos, of about 190 tigers found in Nepal, Chitwan has 120 Tigers and 503 Rhinos  at present. Tigers are rarely encountered but Rhinos can be seen with almost a guarantee during a safari. Lots of Spotted deer, Sambar, Barking deer, Peacock, Jungle fowls, Crocodiles, and hundreds of other birds can be seen. The national park is not only famous for safari’s only but it’s a central hub for even scientific research. People from all over the world are involved in research work inside the national park all year long. With rich variety of faunal and floral diversity, it has become a center of attraction for many researchers.
Recently, lots of researches has been going on for the management of Mikania micrantha an invasive tropical plant that has been destroying the vegetation habitat inside the national park, and researches linking the Rhino and effects of Mikania on Rhinos diet and similar ones have been going on, including Biological Control of the invasive species. Researches and Conservation practices on Rhino and Tiger conservation are ongoing every year. Along with the Reptilian and Avian faunas and Human- Elephant conflict. 

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