Everest Tea Garden (Mini Illam)

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Everst Tea Garden (Mini Illam)

Where it is?
It is in Jaisigaun,Sindhupalchowk.
How to reach there?
Sundhara-Bouddha-Thali-Sankhu-Jaharsing pauwa- Bhotechour  - Everest Tea Garden
How far it is?
Boudhha-Sankhu -8Km
Sankhu-Jaharsing Pauwa -5km
Jaharsing Pauwa-Bhotechour-12Km
Bhotechour-Everest tea garden-5km
How Long does it take to reach there?
on Bike:
Boudhha-Sankhu -35-45min
Sankhu-Jaharsing Pauwa -25-30min
Jaharsing Pauwa-Bhotechour-30-40min
Bhotechour-Everest tea garden-15-25min
How is the road?
From bouddha to Bhotechour the road is pitched and really good way.
Is there any good hotels on the way?

You can find good hotels between Jaharsing pauwa and Bhotechour.
Is there any small hotel,shop ?
You can find Bamboo Cottage over there, where you can find snacks and food items as well.
What other activity we can do there?
Picnic, Photoshoot, 30 min of hiking from main road to Everest tea garden.
My tour quick facts:

Time taken to reach there on bike: 2 Hour
Expenese at Hotel for 3 person: Around 1500 (foods include Mo:mo, Sekuwa and Khaja set; drinks exclusive)

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