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Posted on Jul 5, 2012 by ER Saurav Shrestha under Tour

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It was a Saturday morning and I got call from my friend in order to go have trout fish at Kakani. Well when I think about kakani, I really love riding my bike and enjoy viewing the beautiful greenery on the way which makes me feel like I am in paradise. So I had my breakfast in a zip then we all planned to meet at Balaju Chowk which is one of the crowdest place in Kathmandu. Well you can find lots of buses, micro buses here to the various places of Kathmandu. So after crossing Balaju we all 
speed up our bikesa nd enjoyed the ride. On the way we found lots of shades, so it was pretty cool while traveling. Kakani is also one the famous Picnic Spot in Nepal.

After just 15-20 minutes we saw a board saying Osho Tapoban, then we all decided to have a look inside this tapoban, this place was really so cool and peaceful .This is one of the quiet place I have experienced. Here I saw beautiful garden, trees, even small water fall, bridge and it was like a mini park. Lots of people who follows Osho religion stays here especially for meditation. We found really nice café located at Osho Tapoban. Here we found different variety of food items like pizza, sandwich, ginger tea and almost everything .We had wooden Pizza and Momos (Dumplings) then headed towards fulfilling our Trout fish desire. And again we started bike racing among us which was the most thrilling and interesting part of tour. Well it took only 40 min for us to reach Kakani. Travelling from Kathmandu to kakani, we need to move towards high altitude. Would you believe that we saw Himalayan Range from Kakani. It was so amazing that you can really enjoy the experience of Mountain Range View if you are just 1-2 hours away from Kathmandu. We all started taking photographs. As our main aim was having Trout Fish, on the way we saw lots of restaurant saying “Trout Fish available here” but the famous Restaurant was still 20-30 minutes away. This was my first time that I passed Kakani, after crossing Kakani there was really a nice place with clear blue sky, green tress and no crowd at all. I am sure anyone can enjoy bike riding in this area and you can also find most of the tourist cycling. Kakani is really a good place for cycling along with amazing view surrounding the place. So after 20 minutes from kakani we reached the “TROUT FISH Restaurant”, here you can see fishes playing inside the pond. The restaurant owner was the one doing the Fish harvesting by himself.

All of us first started playing with fishes we ordered our main course finally” Trout Fish”. After that the master chef came up with his fish net and started capturing the fishes, then he started taking the weight of all those fishes and after that he moved towards the kitchen in order to cook the fishes.  Within 15-20 minutes our Trout Fish was ready to be served. Then we all started drinking beer along with the fishes. From this restaurant we had amazing view of rocks and the sound of slowing water. So we all enjoyed the taste of Trout Fish for the first time and it was amazing.
Finally we returned back to Kathmandu and it took almost 1 hour to reach Kathmandu from this very Restaurant. I must say this bike riding in search for Trout Fish was really really amazing.

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