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Kulekhani is a beautiful and panoramic landscape situated in Makwanpur district. Kulekhani is mainly famous for fishing, hiking, trekking and boating. Hence, Kulekhani has a great prospect of adventure tourism. Kulekhani can be reached from Kathmandu in few ways but two of the ways are usually used. First, by driving on a vehicle through the Dakshinkali- Hetauda highway and second one is by hiking about 19-20 km from Naubise. A vehicle can also be taken from Naubise to Kulekhani but since the Dakshinkali-Hetauda highway is much more time saver than the Naubise- Hetauda route travelers rarely use that route. But, this route is most famous and most used for hiking.
It is better to start hiking from Naubise early in the morning around 8 A.M. After a climb of steep slopes and few hills the Chitlang Pass begins. This pass is very steep and is surrounded by trees and shrubs on. As the ascent begins the temperature drops gradually and is a boon for the hikers who have been soaked under the sweltering heat. Many hikers become exhausted in the ascent and take sporadic rests in the middle. It takes around 3-4 hours to reach the summit of Chitlang pass depending on the speed of the hikers and the breaks in between. The top of Chitlang hill gives a magnificent view of the Kathmandu Valley. The legend has it that King Prithvi Narayan Shah saw the first glimpse of Kathmandu Valley from this hilltop while he was being chased away from Makwanpur due to disputes about his marriage. He was fleeing to Gorkha but on the way reached the place from where he saw the sight of beautiful valley with alluvial soil. He instantly fell in love with the valley and made a pledge that he would conquer this valley sometime and make it the capital of his Kingdom. He succeeded in fulfilling his pledge. After reaching the top of Chitlang hill it is a better idea to take rest for a while and have lunch. From Chitlang it is mainly downhill and plains. On the way we can see fish ponds where locals have done fish farming. After a few hours hike a place called Markhu is reached. It is a better idea to spend the night at Markhu but those who want to visit Kulekhani Dam that day only can continue the hike. From Markhu the Kulekhani reservoir can be seen and walking on the road above of the reservoir it takes around 2-3 hours to reach a place called Kalanki. This place is very famous for fishes and it is a crime not to eat fish at Kalanki if we make a trip to Kulekhani. The fish there is to die for and is a must. From Kalnaki it takes a walk of around 15-20 mins to reach the Dam site of Kulekhani. There, we can see the end of the dam and we can also look at the turbines. This reservoir plays a very vital role in supplying electricity to our country. Boating and fishing can be done at many places along the reservoir but it is forbidden at this place (unless there are some acquaintances with the army officer in charge of security) as this is a sensitive zone. After a look around the dam the route back to Kathmandu can be done in many ways. Some take local transport along the Hetauda-Dakshinkali highway to Pharping, some hike back the same way they came and some hike the Hetauda-Dakshinkali highway for 5-7 hours. Whichever method they use to return it does not really matter as many of them would have already had once in a lifetime moment on their way to Kulekhani and the tour of the Kulekhani Hydro Power.

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