Trip to Jhor. Riding, fun and adventure.

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As per our plan we were going to Jhor for learning to ride a scooty. I got up early in the morning around 7 took bath washed my uniform, then I called my friend to get ready. He was sleeping and told me that he would call me as he gets up. I finished my work and then I called him he said he was getting ready .  We had lunch and he came to my home .We left out with our scooty for Jhor around 10:30 A.M. We showed our scooty to a nearby workshop either it was in condition or not. After checking the scooty we went to ATM to withdraw money, after taking out money we headed towards Tokha . Road was clear and less busy due to strike called off  by Public Transportation Association .We were thinking of fueling the scooty but we did’ not get the petrol as it was all shortage due to some reason. We headed towards Tokha. Road was not so good it was dirty and muddy .But we were enjoying the ride. Around 11:00 A.M we reached Tokha  bazar then we moved downwards a road with wide space, black topped road and less busy. As the road was favorable I started riding the sccoty. It was so fun and interesting. Road was good enough than the busy road of Kathmandu. The side scene was good. All greenery, rice plantation in all fields totally looked awesome .The view of KTM was also breath-taking. Road was open and flow of vehicle was also low so I rided scooty. On the way we saw a group of middle aged man cycling to Jhor. We reached Jhor around 11:30A.M. Then we parked our scooty and went down to the water-fall .I knew that there was a waterfall. So we went down the road to see the waterfall, the way to waterfall was really slippery and dangerous .We walked slowly down the road and reached the waterfall. It was awesome so beautiful. Water was falling down from a high stone and the sound was really meditative. There was lord shiva's idol. There were many people enjoying the waterfall. That place was crowded on that day then the other normal day .Maybe due to the public holiday and because of a place being near to the Kathmandu city many local people and foreigners were there. It was so nice place and full of natural beauty. In Kathmandu it is difficult to find a place to hang out. And Jhor being only around 16KM away from Kathmandu it is becoming tourist destination. We prayed to God Siva and returned. We did' not play in waterfall as we had no extra clothes to change. So we just enjoyed the view and other people playing in the waterfall .We returned back and rested for 10 minutes on the road. Then on the way to the waterfall there was a small type of resort offering local food. So we decided to have some food as we were hungry walking up and down to the waterfall. So we went into the resort and took rest for 5 to 10 minutes and ordered for the food. We ordered noodles with eggs and cold drinks. We talked about our jobs and friend until the noodle was served on the table .As it was a fast food the noodles was served within 10 minutes. We had the noodles it was really good. We talked to the staff of the same resort about the place and it’s business, he was very friendly .And then we decided to return to our homes .Before getting back I had the desire to get wet under the water fall but my friend suggested me to play in the waterfall next time when we would go there with all of the preparations (extra clothes). So we just decided to return home. My friend rided the scooty where the road was stiff and with many turns but as the road was clear and straight I grabbed the opportunity and rided the scooty. There was a big uphill where I had  to stop and my friend would do the job .But it was fun .Actually I felt easier while riding bike in uphill and while getting down I felt little scared and could' not focus on my brakes. Till   Tokha I rided the scooty and after reaching Tokha my friend rided the scooty  .It was so fun and adventurous while riding scooty and spending quality time with a friend. Around 1:40 P.M we reached our home after reaching home there was a heavy rainfall then I started thinking it was a luck and a wise decision that my friend made.

Anyways trip to Jhor was wonderful and I must say Jhor is bestowed with natural beauty .It could be a tourist destination for the foreigners visiting Kathmandu. We should make publicity of Jhor to bring this place in the sight of foreigners and people involved in the tourism sector which could boost-up the economic level of people of Jhor. Last but not the least I must thank my friend for his precious time and wonderful company .It was a day to remember and cherish in the future.

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