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This article relates to the fact about a place where i had been there with my college friends during engineering and later with my girlfriend,now wife. Saying that it is suitable for both picnic and lovebirds.

The journey begins from one of the happening place of Kathmandu Valley, Sat-Dobato. Straight ahead on the way to Phulchowki hill and underneath Godavari Botanical Garden, comes the curvy and smooth road. Green paddy farms and water streams from the field make the travel fresh and romantic. After drive of half an hour, you can find a huge information board on your right side of the road, directing to the place I am going to introduce here.

Leaving from the main way to Godavari, a Small road takes us to this beautiful place. On the way, you can feel more greenary. The further you travel, more you come closer to the mighty mountains. Now the way becomes more challanging and demands high concentration on drive. Let me connect to one of the deadly experience i've ever experienced in my life. The bus which we were travelling for final year picnic could not draw us, last year fat mammoths. One of the cunning bus assistant asked all the boys to get out and girls can stay stay on the bus, okay for us. Now the driver began to accelerate the bus, and he didnt notice the ditch on the road. With high accelaration the bus managed to cross over the ditch but was a dead-fall ahead. Right across the ditch,driver should steer to the stiff right. We can only watch from the back that the bus tyre was inch near to the fall. It was breath-taking incident and wonderful to get our five beautiful girls on the show. Again exactly on the same spot, it is awakward to mention that i feel off my motorcycle along with my sweetheart. Caution should be taken on that particular area. Heading ahead comes a wider road, constructed by the local people to promote and attract local as well as foreign tourists on their locality. Ride becomes easy and few minutes ahead, we finally reached to a football ground of that village. But the road continues across the mountain connecting many remote villages on that range. 

From the base station, few meters ahead you can hear the temple bell ringing, definitely temple, temple of the son of Lord Shiva,Ganesh. Lazy fellows can take the road while enduring chap like me can add up a little excitement and take a short trail between the trees. It is always good to take a short blessings from god,i believe. Stiff headed people can continue on the trail to the spot while relax headed folks can take the road. Beside of the temple, you can taste the fresh water from village, a taste that you could never forget. Either way , betwen the coniferous trees takes you to the spot where I was talking about.

It is open space on the side of the mountain, ample space for gathering, playing and anything you can do under open sky. Yes, from that height, you can now see the village under you. If you are city dwellers, you can hear the sound of the breeze singing with the tree leafs. A feeling of eternal peace drains across your body like u feel blood on your veins. On the edge of the spot, nature has places nice rock architecture. From there, the show of typical nepalese village landscape starts. The cuts and pieces of farm land, green paddy leaves that changes its shape with orchestra of wind music pleases your eyes. On the end of the farmland, the mountain wall echos the sound waves, meaning you can hear voice back. For lovers, calling your partners name loud would be impressive to hear back. Clear blue sky, when it is not raining obviously, add color on your stay. If you want to have a walk across, the mountain is so comfortable to explore on every nooks and cornors which would be a nice experience. You can play hide-n-seek with the sun amidst beautiful trees. Few hours of play, makes you and the sun take rest. As you wish to full up your belly, the sun starts to get home, which you can see right infront of your eyes until sleep. 

Now, you can get back to the village, if you do not want to be the interest of wild jackals and wolves. The people of village offers typical nepali mouthwatering food. An extra surprise would be local liquor made of barley, so enough to take you to paradise. After dine, you can ask the villagers for sleep, if you truely are an adventerous person. If not, you have to follow the path back home. I believe it is a day trip and life time experience. I leave an exciting task for you people who read this article to find the name of the place. What is the use of Google world, age of communication and information ? 

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