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It was Sunday morning yesterday,10th of Bhadra, when I was hoping for good day. Some of my friends was already back to office while some were still enjoying normal holiday. I hadn't a plan as such for the day to pass on. All of a sudden, couple of hours later, Santee, 'cool dude' called me and asked for 'ride-out' to some place. Thanks to communication technology, within few seconds, we managed to collect Rajesh and Irish, both awesome. By that time we were unaware where we were heading to but, we fixed to meet at Balkh. I was really excited about the suspense motor-bike trip after long time in abroad.


It took no time for all of us to visit one of the romantic places of Kathmandu , Tau-Daha,  situated on the south of  valley, on the way to Dakshinkali Temple.  Tau-daha being neglected for many years, now has been managed by the local and developed as the major tourist attraction on that area. Traditional and some international cuisine are served on the restaurants, established on the lake area. This lake carries an interesting fact that one cannot see the diagonal corner from any of the sides. Local has developed this lake as the fish lake as different types of colorful fishes are tamed and fishing has been strictly prohibited. Ramesh brought up an idea to get some food for the fishes. He bought some and we headed straight to the pond. as we reached to the bank, we started feeding the fishes and on an eye-blink, fishes started to appear on the surface. I was blessed to see those colorful fishes all at once, and couldn't stop myself to take some snaps . Green mountains, crystal clear white clouds on blue sky encouraged to open-up my DSLR gadgets. After an hour of peace of mind, we decided to add up a little excitement on our trip and thus we choose one of the village right on the top of mountain range.


Few meters on the way to Dakshinkali from Taudaha, came a connecting road on right. We followed the road hoping to reach to the top. As we gained altitude, road became more difficult and steeper.  Our eyes were stuck on the road itself, as any carelessness would result into an inevitable accident. Despite shear attention, i managed to peek the landscape below me, green fields and gorgeous taudaha. We followed the road as we were eager to reach the top. All of a sudden we started facing muddy, slippery red-soil road. Moreover it was inclined to approx. 45 degree angle.  We took up an immediate meeting whether to move ahead or return back, but to add up adrenaline on our trip we decided to drag the bike across the obstacle, but how ? I came up to drive without Sirish, who was riding behind me, so that the weight reduces and i could maintain center of gravity. I started and yes, I succeeded on crossing the inclination.


Behind me,  Sanjeev was driving his bike. He set on his gears and started to accelerate his bike. I was damn sure he can do it, but like a 'rookie' rider, he couldn't hold on with the slipper clay, and despite going ahead, he fell behind the hill. Ramesh and Sirish hand held the bike but still they find it hard to get control. Unfortunately, I can only watch from the top.  Ramesh dared to drive through it and collected his little guts from the middle of nowhere and thanks to god, he dragged the bike to the top. I was too glad to see them with me. After that exotic stress, it demanded to have some rest and so we did. 

Right across the challenge, we found the temple that we talked before out trip. We felt blessed and worshipped on our own style. on the back of temple, we saw that we had never thought off, "the green grazing ground". The ground was green and natural, it somehow reminded the grounds of Norway, where i used to sun-bath for hours during summer. Amazed all four of us, were unstoppable at that stage. All of a sudden, Sanjeev pointed out the similar landscape but pretty far from where we were.  We had no idea of the road that takes us there. We had only the road ahead of us from where we reached there. Without knowing the consequences, we continued on the stiff, stony road on the mountain range. As we moved, we came on the edge of the mountain from where we saw eagle-eve view of kathmandu valley and settlement . We stopped and took snaps. Sirish, senior photographer, started work on his focus and so i tried. Again, we moved ahead and determined to reach there until we found the villagers informing us about the dead-end of the road. We had to forfeit our plan and get back. By the time we started feeling hungry, but Ramesh was complaining right from the beginning about his hungriness.


For the justice to our stomach, our next destination was Kirtipur. Local Newari community people has established a newari  food  house, 'lahana'. It basically serves  various newari  food  that tingles our taste buds.  I was obvious excited about it and i was highly tempted towards 'chhyang'  as it has been a long time I was out of reach in abroad stay. What next,  order and serve, rest of the story, I leave on the readers of my story.

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