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It had been a long time I took a leave or holiday from work and I was started to feel like...argh...what is this life?? Then, one day, my friends planned a trip to Nagarkot, which I thought could give me a relief from all of the mind games that were going on inside me.


We took a leave from Kathmandu on Saturday. All of us met at New Baneshwor and left for Nagarkot at around 3 PM. It was pouring in the morning, I thought O GOD, the programme was going to be cancelled, but the weather was not harsh on us to make it cancel. Well, we set off on 4 bikes, it was fun to have a ride on the best roads in Nepal at Bhaktapur. Every one seemed to try to break the record in speed. WOW!! what a road.


Then at around 5:00 PM we reached the hotel, named THE END OF THE UNIVERSE, very nice place with very hospitable people. We freshen up ourselves there, drank some tea and headed toward the tower of Nagarkot. It has been quite famous place for people to have a view in and around Nagarkot. But, we were a little unlucky as fog had started to veil the Mountain Ranges.


 We had a great time there. We enjoyed to the fullest. It was more than worth taking a trip, because it helped me relax my mind and forget all of least for that time...


Finally, NAGARKOT, a place everyone must visit, because I believe in seeing the PARADISE when you are alive, there it is waiting for everyone....

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